Vince McMahon’s Daughter Beats Hulk Hogan With a Staggering Statistic

Published 05/05/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Hulk Hogan is one of the most popular and successful pro wrestlers of all time. Throughout his professional wrestling career, he got the better of several individuals inside the squared circle.


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But recently, Stephanie McMahon defeated Hulk Hogan in a particular thing.

Stephanie McMahon has also wrestled inside the squared circle. Apart from competing in matches, she also appeared in many interesting segments as a heel.


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Because of those impressive heel appearances, Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Evil episode got higher viewership than the Hulk Hogan episode in a particular scenario.

The Hulkster played the role of a babyface mostly in his professional wrestling career. But he also made a significant impact on the fans in his heel character, just like Stephanie McMahon.

Recently, Brandon Thurston revealed on Twitter that the WWE Evil episode on Stephanie, following this week’s episode of WWE NXT, had 362,000 viewers, P18-49: 0.08 (100,000).

Last week, Thurston made a similar post stating the number of viewers from Hulk Hogan’s episode of WWE Evil.

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Brandon Thurston noted that the Hogan episode, following last week’s episode of WWE Evil had 263,000 viewers, P18-49: 0.06 (78,000).

You can well see the difference between the viewership that these two WWE Evil episodes had following WWE NXT episodes.

While this may not reflect that Stephanie McMahon is a better heel than Hulk Hogan. But the numbers are definitely impressive in terms of viewership.

A WCW rival of Hulk Hogan is a big fan of Stephanie McMahon’s heel work

This WCW rival of Hulk Hogan is none other than Ric Flair. Hogan and Ric Flair have competed in matches many times.

Earlier this year, Flair highly praised Stephanie McMahon for her work as a heel. During an episode of the Ric Flair Wooooo Nation Uncensored Podcast, Ric Flair revealed she is a big fan of Stephanie McMahon.


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Flair said, “I am a big fan of Stephanie McMahon. She is a bada**. I love her in that character. I love her with The Authority.”

“Any time you go back to the feuds with her like Vickie Guerrero or just different people over the years, she could be a bada**,” he added.


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