It has finally happened. After months of uncertainty, WWE has been sold to the Endeavour group. The same conglomerate that owns the MMA juggernaut UFC. Two of the biggest names in combat sports come under a single umbrella, a thought that would excite many. And Vince McMahon has recently commented that the sale of the Stamford-based promotion would have gone ahead even if the scandal that marred him wouldn’t happen.

The former boss had to step away from all his active roles last year due to a string of hush-money scandals that rocked the world last year. He has since managed to engineer a comeback to the WWE board of directors. McMahon recently remarked that his brainchild was destined to be sold regardless of the controversies surrounding him.

Vince McMahon addresses whether there is any link between the scandal and the company’s sale


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In a rare TV appearance with CNBC Television, he delved into the details of the sale. The WWE board of directors chairman was whether the deal would have gone ahead if the scandal did not happen. He said, Absolutely, because it makes sense you take, nothing’s ever happened like this before. And again I’m always looking what’s best for our stockholders what’s best for the company”.

“This is the best thing that has happened in a long, long time. All the WrestleManias combined there have been 39 including tomorrow {interview taken on 1st April}. Does it really equal the magnitude of what we will do together?” added McMahon.

Ever since McMahon returned to the board, there were murmurings of a deal in the works. Various big-name organizations such as Disney and Fox were mentioned as potential buyers.

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In the end, it turned out to be Endeavour that purchased majority stakes in the global wrestling phenomenon in a deal that was reported to be worth around $9.3 Billion. Many fans were impressed by the huge deal.

Longtime fans of WWE were unsure of what this arrangement will mean in the day-to-day activities of the company. Those doubts were addressed by Triple H during the recent edition of Monday Night RAW.

Triple H gave a sneak peek into what to expect

The Chief Content Officer opened the show after Mania with a promo. He first mentioned the record numbers that The Showcase of Immortals generated this year.


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The Game then assured the audience that the product will remain largely similar to what it was. In an impassionate segment, he mentioned that the fans could expect the same WWE of old and nothing would change. Before signing off with a tagline that has become synonymous with the company, “Then Now Forever Together”.

While it’s still early days, nevertheless it will be interesting to see what beckons in the long term for this deal. For now, all the key players remain in place after the sale. However, only time will unravel what is to come ahead.


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What do you think about Vince McMahon’s recent remarks that the sale of WWE is independent of his hush money scandal? Let us know in the comments.

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