Vince McMahon’s son, Shane McMahon, has not been a part of WWE since his departure from WWE in 2022. Even in 2021, Shane had been rarely active in WWE.

In early 2021, Shane got involved in a feud with former WWE superstar Braun Strowman. He competed in a Steel Cage match against Strowman at last year’s WrestleMania. That was Shane’s only match in 2021.

But despite being inactive for a long part of 2021, Shane earned a huge sum of money from Vince McMahon‘s WWE.


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A recent WWE Proxy Statement filing to the SEC revealed the salaries of several individuals, including Shane McMahon.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., the filing revealed Shane made $1,313,823 in 2021. Despite competing inside the ring only once in the entire 2021, Shane had earned so much.

Also, Shane McMahon is no longer a shareholder in the company. Thus, this figure might surprise a lot of fans.

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Ever since Shane’s departure from WWE in 2022, there has been a lot of talk about his future in the pro wrestling business.

It will be interesting to see if Shane returns to WWE in 2022. Otherwise, just like in 2021, the WWE Universe will get to see Shane in action only once for the entire 2022.

When did Shane McMahon last wrestle in WWE?

Shane McMahon made a shocking return at WWE Royal Rumble 2022. He was full of energy and looked determined to grab the ticket to WrestleMania.

Shane entered the match at number 28. He even eliminated his former WWE on-screen rival, Kevin Owens.

But he could not win the Royal Rumble match as Brock Lesnar unleashed his fury on Vince McMahon’s son.


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Brock Lesnar eliminated several superstars, including Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre, to earn the chance to main event WrestleMania 38.

The former WWF Hardcore Champion continued to make headlines following the premium live event.

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There were reports that claimed Shane wanted to highlight himself in the match. And this led to several backstage arguments which ultimately resulted in Shane parting ways with WWE.

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