“Vince Must Be Popping”- Vince Russo Trashes WWE for the Randy Orton-Matt Riddle Storyline

Published 07/04/2021, 11:03 PM EDT

For the past few weeks, WWE Superstars Randy Orton and Matt Riddle have become the talking point amongst the WWE Universe. It was a bold move from the creative team of WWE RAW to put two polarizing characters as a Tag Team.


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And, as expected, the decision has indeed led to a polarizing reaction. One of the prominent names who has constantly opined on the RK-Bro team is former WWE RAW Creative writer Vince Russo, and he isn’t happy about how the angle has panned out.

The oddball pairing of Randy Orton and Matt Riddle


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WWE definitely surprised the fans when they put a fan favorite like Matt Riddle under the wings of a heel Randy Orton. The duo’s interaction has led to many funny segments, but most of them have been utterly bizarre.

As things stand, a sizeable chunk of the WWE fans is totally into the segment and even calls it an angle they are waiting to watch every week. But there are also those who are strenuously criticizing the creative decision as a lazy move.

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Vince Russo is no new name amongst the WWE Universe as he was one of the most popular creative writers during his stay in WWE. In a recent episode of Vince Russo’s The Brand Podcast, Russo and his guests shared their opinions about the RK-Bro angle and their creative performance so far.

Russo made some controversial comments about the angle as the entire episode featured him and his guest ranting about the creative impotence of the writers.

Vince Russo, who wasn’t afraid to dish out his frustration, added that the entire show is a mess right now and isn’t worth having a prime time slot. He said- “You know what the funny thing is guys? When you take this whole show.. Seriously as it is.. You take the whole show and put it in a Saturday morning time slot.. It might not be bad.. But Bro.. This is freaking Prime time when adults are watching..”

Vince Russo opens about Vince McMahon’s probable reaction to RK-Bro

Russo then gave a brief insight to the viewers about how the Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, would feel about the RK-Bro angle. Vince Russo said that Vince McMahon would be popping about the character and the angle as the duo is a fan favorite among the fans.

The comments about Vince McMahon’s reaction seem realistic as the duo has been churning out a handsome amount of sales with their merchandise.


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The future of the RK-Bro is in the air as there are concrete rumors that suggest the duo could be the next RAW Tag Team Champions. However, the WWE Universe seems to be more interested in how long RK-Bro will stay as a team as fans are already making up various scenarios for the eventual breakup.

Till then, RK-Bro is destined to be one of the centerpieces of WWE RAW.


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