“Vince’s Downfall Coming”: Fans Curse Vince McMahon for Painting Sasha Banks and Naomi in Negative Light

Published 06/17/2022, 2:47 AM EDT

“What goes around, comes around” is a quote that WWE Superstars Sasha Banks and Naomi would enjoy today. A few weeks ago, former SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and her tag team partner Naomi walked out of the WWE Raw episode.


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‘The Boss’ and ‘The Glow’ left their tag team titles at Head of Talent Relation, John Laurinaitis’s office. Vince McMahon and the company suspended both women after their act. In addition, the company called Banks and Naomi “unprofessional” on Raw TV.



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Further, the wrestling fans took no time to support Sasha Banks and Naomi’s walk-out incident as they were at the top of their game. However, Mr. McMahon and the company did not treat them right.

Wrestling fans sided Sasha Banks and Naomi after the infamous Mr. McMahon incident!

In the latest news flash, it has been reported that WWE boss Vince McMahon agreed to pay $3 million to a former female employee with whom he allegedly had an affair.

Moreover, Mr. McMahon made this woman sign a non-disclosing agreement that prevented her from discussing her relationship with him.

Well, it’s too late because the WWE board of directors has received this matter to their attention, and the investigation revealed that the WWE boss paid a massive amount to dig this matter to the grounds.

After Mr. McMahon’s alleged act, wrestling fans took to Twitter and slammed him for being a hypocrite. However, it looks like the tables have turned for WWE boss Vince McMahon.

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The wrestling fans bashed Mr. McMahon and his top executive, John Laurinaitis, for calling Sasha Banks and Naomi unprofessional.

‘The Boss’ vs. WWE boss Vince McMahon

Many wrestling fans believe it was appropriate that ‘The Boss’ and ‘The Glow’ took matters into their own hands and exited the company before more disrespect. However, even if Mr. McMahon’s matter is referred to as “allegedly,” fans weren’t thrilled about the suspension of Banks and Naomi from the company.

Moreover, along with Vince McMahon’s recent trouble with the former employee, the WWE Universe received another piece of shocking news. According to Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri, the report is that WWE has released Sasha Banks from the company.


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“I’m hearing Sasha Banks has been released. I don’t know if it’s he requested it or if it was on WWE’s end,” Raj Giri tweeted.

Vince McMahon and the company repeatedly disrespected Banks and Naomi. The company removed their franchise from the website, edited them from the intro package, and many other things.


Suspended WWE Star Makes First Public Appearance Since Fallout

15 days ago


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However, the recent mess by Mr. McMahon made the fans furious and shared more love for Sasha Banks and Naomi.

What is your take on the entire saga? Let us know in comments.



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