WWE SmackDown opened with Cody Rhodes, as WWE in this new era normally does. Rhodes began by addressing what went down on WWE RAW. He talked about the face-off with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Rhodes clarified that if The Rock returned looking for him, he would know where to find him. However, one phrase Rhodes used may have hinted at the gift Johnson bestowed on him before leaving.

Since the last episode of WWE RAW, fans have been puzzled about what The Rock gave Rhodes. This has led to a number of fan theories.

Did Dwayne Johnson return the watch Cody Rhodes gifted him?


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During the opening promo, Rhodes said, “War time overture,” which could refer to a pre-war gift. In the old days, soldiers would be given a watch before leaving for battle. Following this, he also said that he knew exactly what Johnson had given him without looking at it. Since WWE RAW aired the segment, fans have speculated that it was the Rolex that Rhodes had gifted The Rock that Johnson had returned.

As mentioned above, fans have been debating what The Rock gave Rhodes. While some theories suggested it was the watch Rhodes gifted him, others were a bit more interesting. Some fans claimed it was the watch Rhodes’ father, Dusty Rhodes, pawned off to send Rhodes to acting school. This would be a major blow to Rhodes as the watch was a family heirloom.


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Another theory suggested it could’ve been a lighter. During the build-up to Mania XL, Rhodes’ bus caught fire. Handing Rhodes the lighter that started it would be a great way for Johnson to intimidate Rhodes. It would also explain the unease Rhodes visibilly showed upon feeling the gift. But now the question remains: where do we go from here?

The future of The Rock and Cody Rhodes feud

The Rock clarified that he was leaving the WWE for a while to film his upcoming project, The Smashing Machine. This is scheduled to last until SummerSlam. With Roman Reigns also set to return during that time, seeing how the WWE plans it out will be interesting.


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Johnson also clarified that he will be gunning for Rhodes’ title. On SmackDown, Paul Heyman mentioned that The Bloodline must also get the title back. Could we see a power struggle between Reigns and The Rock for the title? What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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