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WATCH: A Man Turns Into The Undertaker on His Wedding Day, Leave Fans in Splits: “His Wife Bout to Get Tombstoned”

Published 12/18/2022, 11:00 AM EST

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There is a huge fanbase for wrestling and especially for the WWE wrestlers. People get attached to their beloved wrestlers and to their style. Sometimes they even try to adapt their iconic styles in their real life. Something similar happened recently when a man pulled up to his wedding as The Undertaker. It clearly shows the influence a wrestler can have on their fans. 

America’s Favorite Video Today

The released video of a guy walking the aisle, dressed as The Undertaker grabbed everyone’s attention. It became difficult for people to control themselves from commenting on it.


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This recent video refreshes several old memories of the fans. As The Deadman has a storyline like no one. Everyone used to wait for the wrestler to make his thrilling entry in the ring. 

A man dressed as The Undertaker on his wedding day

The surfaced video of a man who got married while dressed up as The Man from the Darkside was quite fascinating. Everyone praised his creative idea of following the tradition in a unique way. However, the one who attracted more eyes was the best man walking behind the groom.

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He did the Paul Bearer part, but with an addition of his genius. So, what made people laugh was the best man carrying a tea kettle acting like Paul Bearer carrying the urn. 


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This resulted in the accumulation of hilarious comments on the video. Most of them were people praising the best man who was pulling off the Bearer’s style so meticulously. 

Some made fun of the groom for pulling this kind of entrance on his wedding day. One even stated that his wife should keep this man forever.

Everyone plans their wedding to be unique. One such person shares his idea for the wedding entry inspired by the WWE. Another one shares what he witnessed.


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A recent claim by Disco Inferno about The Deadman

Recent news about The Undertaker emerged when wrestling veteran Disco Inferno claimed that the DDP got in trouble with The Indestructible Force. Further, he mentioned the incident that happened backstage at WWE.


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In the latest episode of the Keepin’ It 100 podcast, Inferno talked about Diamond Dallas Page. He said that the clash began before their match because the DDP preferred to write his matches. And as the famous story goes, Taker saw it, crumbled it, and threw it in the garbage.


The old-school wrestler never liked the concept of writing down the matches and thus, The Reaper did what he wanted.


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Revisiting all these brief episodes from the past must feel refreshing to WWE fans. We wish we could see the former wrestler back in the ring, making his iconic entry. 

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