WATCH: Another Former TNA Superstar Makes Surprising Appearance on WWE SmackDown

Published 08/22/2020, 2:17 AM EDT

Towards the end of this latest edition of SmackDown, the WWE Universe saw a familiar face from a rival company. The main event of WWE SmackDown ended in a very chaotic and scary manner.


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Bray Wyatt hosted the Firefly Fun House and talked about Braun Strowman’s romance with Alexa Bliss. He would later say it is better to be built in rage and fueled by anger as love only leads to pain and suffering.

As Wyatt was speaking, The Monster Among Men attacked and knocked out Wyatt. The Brawl would continue backstage as Strowman’s assault would send Wyatt in an ambulance.


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Even though Bray Wyatt was the one to go into the Ambulance, the person to come out of it would be The Fiend. Surprisingly, during this segment, the camera went on the WWE officials and one official was very familiar to the WWE Universe.


Yes, you are right, it is former Impact Wrestling star Sonjay Dutt. Dutt was a star in Impact wrestling for nine years across three stints.

He was an entertaining high flying wrestler and one of the first Indian origin wrestlers to make a name in the wrestling world. In fact, he has been an X division Champion in TNA.

Dutt joined the WWE on January 23rd, 2019. He works as a backstage producer and also helps in the scouting of young talent for the company.


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A few TNA talent that moved over to the WWE

Sonjay Dutt is not the only name to have moved to the WWE in a backstage role. Here are few more names that made the switch to Vince McMahon’s camp.

The Monster Abyss

Abyss got the WWE Universe excited last week when he was seen with AJ Styles ( ex TNA as well) as his analyst for his Intercontinental championship No.1 contender.

The Monster was seen this week as well on the Blue Brand. Abyss is a producer exclusively for SmackDown which he joined in January 2019.

Jeremy Borash

Jeremy Borash has been an announcer and commentator in TNA. In January of 2018, Borash joined WWE. He worked with Tom Phillips on the NXT brand.


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In the year 2020, he was also seen as a commentator on 205 live. He is also involved in helping the WWE shooting cinematic matches like The Boneyard match and The Wyatt Swamp fight.

Jeff Jarett

Jeff Jarett, along with his father, was the founder of TNA Wrestling. However, due to many reasons, Jarett would sell his stake to Dixie Carter in 2015.


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In 2018, Double J would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. In 2019, Jeff Jarett was hired as a producer for the main roster. He would also make his return at Royal Rumble as a surprise entrant.



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