WATCH: Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Trolls WWE Superstar Peyton Royce Over Her Cooking Skills

December 22, 2020 5:00 pm

Peyton Royce is not doing better in the ring after she and Billie Kay broke off their tag team. It seems her cooking skills have also downgraded with time, and Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay will vouch for that.

Peyton (whose real name is Cassie Lee), recently shared a video on her Instagram where the infamous chef can be seen tearing her cooking skills to pieces. What was she making? Holiday special ‘fairy bread!’

The video challenge is very popular on TikTok, where people put their cooking skills to test in front of Ramsay. If he likes the style, well and good; but if he doesn’t, then they suffer from the same fate as Royce.

At the beginning of the video itself, Gordon threatened Royce, “If you don’t make something delicious then I’ll stick those slices of bread on your bloody ears” as she was putting butter on the toast.

The dish is actually pretty popular in Royce’s home country Australia as it has a simple recipe. As Royce showed, “Step one, butter, step two, bread, step three, repeat, step four – sprinkles. Step five cut them into soldiers.” However, Ramsay lost his cool from the sprinkles part.

Sprinkles? No, no – girl, you’ve lost the plot. Are you serious? Soldiers? With sprinkles? ‘Girl, you’ve been out of the ring too long. You’ve gone all rusty! I’ll stick those slices of bread on your bloody ears!”

WWE and Royce’s former partner Billie Kay both reacted to the hilarious video on Twitter.

Is Peyton Royce getting a character reboot?

The Former Tag Team Champion embarked on a singles run as WWE management wanted to send her to try her out without Billie Kay. However, Royce is yet to get any groundbreaking rivalry to set her apart. Instead, WWE keeps teaming her up with Lacey Evans.

Recently she changed her name to ‘Relentless Royce’ on Twitter and teased a new beginning. She wrote, “I can’t sit back & watch it anymore. I can’t wait for the opportunity. It won’t come. It has to be taken.”

She is tired of sitting on the sidelines.

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