WATCH: Kofi Kingston’s Crazy Royal Rumble Survival Skills

January 24, 2021 5:30 pm

If the Royal Rumble Battle Royale was a circus, then former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston would definitely be the ringmaster. Throughout the years, he had some of the best and most interesting saves during the match.

Almost nine years ago, Kofi Kingston started entertaining the fans with his miraculous saves. It all started at the 2012 Royal Rumble. The Miz tried to eliminate Kofi, but instead of his legs, Kingston’s hands hit the floor first. Kingston walked with his hands and safely landed on the steel steps, re-entering the match again.

Later on, Kofi revealed in an interview it was John Morrison who gave him the crazy idea. Morrisson had a save of his own in the previous year as he latched onto the barricade and re-entered the match. But the next year he left WWE.

So, I was like, ‘Oooh, if you want somebody to go do something like that, I’ll take it. I’ll go do that spot.’ So, I did the headstand. And, again, this is a situation where I’m like, I get a lot of credit for these but everybody else that’s involved has to do their part, otherwise, I can’t,” Kofi said.

Kofi Kingston started his Royal Rumble tradition from 2013

In the next year, Kofi entered at Number 4. Dolph Ziggler targeted him and threw him over the top, but the superstar took a leap of faith and landed on a previously eliminated Tensei’s back! However, Tensei was not in the mood to help Kofi and tossed him over the announce table.

But the superstar did not lose hope. In an incredible feat, Kofi borrowed commentator JBL’s chair and used it as a pogo stick to re-enter the match!

In the next two years, Kofi first did an unbelievably long jump from the barricade to the ring and in 2015, Adam Rose’s entourage, the Rosebuds, voluntarily saved Kofi from getting eliminated when he landed on them and they carried him back into the ring.

From the next year, Kingston was accompanied by his New Day brothers, Xavier Woods and Big E. The 2016 Rumble had the World title on the line and New Day put Kofi in the match.

When Kane tossed Kingston over the top rope, Big E was there to save him and Kofi landed on his shoulder. The New Day then paraded him all around the ring before re-entering.

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In 2017, Kofi had a ‘simple’ save when he hung on to the steel post after Baron Corbin shot him down. But the best save came in 2018 when New Day saved Kofi with a tray of pancakes!

Jinder Mahal sent Kofi over the top rope, but Xavier Woods saved him as Kofi landed on his chest. Later, Big E brought a pancake tray and placed it below Kofi’s leg.

As only one of Kofi’s legs touched the floor, he was allowed in the ring once again. The following year he had another amazing save as he fell face first but rolled his way to the steel ramps.

But 2020 was rather bland for him as Brock Lesnar eliminated him quickly. Let’s take a look at Kofi’s saves till then –

However, 2021 could be an exceptional year if he takes part in it. Kofi and Xavier Woods recently lost the RAW Tag Team titles and are yet to announce if they will enter the match next Sunday or not. But we hope to see Kofi and his amazing saves this year! Let us know your thought in the comments below.

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