WATCH: One of the Craziest Moments in WWE History When The Undertaker Dragged Kane Into Hell on Smackdown

February 17, 2021 6:10 pm

The Undertaker and Kane have provided the WWE Universe with excellent promos, segments, matches, and the half-brother storyline involving Paul Bearer. However, there was one particular moment from one of their in-ring encounters during 2010, which put the WWE Universe at the edge of their seats.

Prior to this encounter, The Undertaker had been away from the ring for a while. It was later revealed that Kane had put him in a “vegetative state” after attacking him.

During the encounter, Kane was standing in the ring when the lights turned blue. The fans knew who was coming but did not know from where and how. In fact, Kane was looking around the arena too, trying to figure out where Taker was coming from.

Finally, Taker emerged from beneath the ring and pulled Kane by his legs. ‘The Big Red Machine’ tried to break free from Taker’s grasp, but failed. Ultimately, ‘The Deadman’ pulled Kane down under the ring, giving the illusion of pulling him down to hell.

The Undertaker dragged another Superstar to hell in 1996

The first time The Undertaker pulled a Superstar to hell was back in 1996. At Royal Rumble, Taker and Hart were battling for the WWE Championship when former champion Diesel showed up.

Following this, Diesel and Hart had a cage match in February 1996. After a point, Diesel thought he won and had almost crawled out of the cage. This is when The Undertaker emerged from beneath the ring and pulled Diesel down to hell. This gave Hart the time to crawl out of the steel cage and secure the victory.

When did ‘The Phenom’ retire and what’s next?

The Undertaker retired from the WWE ring at Survival Series 2020. Several Legends attended the event, even Kane. This was his official retirement from the ring. Previously, he unofficially retired from the ring after The Boneyard Match against AJ Styles.

There’s not a huge chance that Taker will return to WWE for a match. As per Triple H, he might return to train the younger talent at the Performance Center, but not more than that. Unfortunately, neither WWE nor Taker confirmed or denied this news.

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