WATCH: Triple H Celebrates with the New NXT UK Champion Isaiah Swerve Scott after His Historic Win

Published 06/30/2021, 1:52 PM EDT

WWE NXT: June 29th, 2021, gave the WWE Universe a new NXT North American Champion, Isaiah Swerve Scott.


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He went up against former champion, Bronson Reed. Both Superstars went all in, and attacked each other with everything they had. Unfortunately for Reed, Scott had his crew, Hit Row, ringside who provided some assistance. Finally, Isaiah Swerve Scott took down Bronson Reed with a drop kick and a top rope jump for the pinfall victory.

Now, Triple H has come forward and congratulated the new champion.


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This is the first title Isaiah Swerve Scott has to his name, and his fans are overjoyed. In fact, his fans believed that the best way for him to complete his heel turn was to have a belt over his shoulder.

The fact that he used his crew’s help for the win shows that Scott is taking the heel turn extremely seriously.

Who should Isaiah Swerve Scott battle next?

Ideally, WWE NXT should book Scott against Bronson Reed in a rematch. A primary reason it should happen is because Reed needs a match which is fairly conducted.

Regrettably for Reed, the referee did not see when Swerve Scott’s crew interfered and bought Scott time to recover. Had that been noticed, Reed would probably still be a champion. However, in WWE, the referee’s decision is final.


New Champion Crowned on WWE NXT! Isaiah Swerve Scott Beats Bronson Reed

about 1 month ago

Why did WWE put Scott over?

After suffering the loss at the hands of Scott, Bronson Reed apologized to his fans, family, and friends.

However, it’s interesting to note that since Reed became champion, this was the first time he had to defend it in a singles match. It’s unlikely for WWE to book a match where a champion loses the title in the very first match after winning the title.


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Usually, the company makes a WWE NXT champion drop their title before moving them to the main roster. If this is the case in this situation, Bronson Reed could make a main roster debut soon.

Moreover, with tours restarting, this is the perfect time for WWE to bring capable Superstars to the main roster and give them the push they deserve. Lastly, Reed had been seen on WWE SmackDown backstage. Hence, it’s highly possible WWE is moving him to the blue brand soon.


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Do you think Bronson Reed is heading to the main roster? Let us know in the comments below.

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