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WATCH: When Mark Henry Cut the Best Promo of his Career to Fool John Cena

WATCH: When Mark Henry Cut the Best Promo of his Career to Fool John Cena

In 2013, Mark Henry was staring into a dark abyss, before his career descended into a downward spiral as a performer in the WWE.

The ‘World’s Strongest Man’ was at the end of his prime as a top-billed WWE Superstar. Rumors of his retirement were going all around, with expectations of him making a retirement speech soon. 

Henry was suffering from a shoulder injury that he had sustained earlier, which threatened his career and started the retirement rumors in the first place.

Mark came out to the ring, dressed in a pinkish suit, seemingly ready to leave the pro-wrestling world for good. He made a passionate speech to his fans, who were completely sold on it.

Henry even shed tears, and it seemed for a few moments that we had seen the last of the Superstar. John Cena embraced Henry and gave him his championship belt to hold up in the ring.

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“I’m coming home baby,” Mark said, addressing his fans and his family.

But it was all a lie.

Mark Henry pulls a quick one on John Cena

Mark had gone up to the ring and played the crowd beautifully. All of the fans were starstruck by the Superstar’s speech, and some even seemed to cry. After some beautiful mic work, this facade was shattered.

After Cena hugged Henry on stage, he broke out of his sad, weeping act, and grabbed Cena, delivering a World’s Strongest Slam. 

The World’s Strongest Man had brought up a new challenge for Cena’s championship.

“You really think it’s that easy? I’ve got a lot left in the tank” Mark shouted, with Cena whimpering on the ground. Mark had enough left in him for another championship match with John Cena. He let his fans know about this in the best way possible.

This was pro-wrestling at its best. The storyline of Mark Henry almost retiring, and suddenly dispelling all of his retirement rumors was excellent, to say the least. The initial shock of the entire incident was the best part of Henry’s swerve.

He went from being a universally loved future Hall of Famer to a heel-like character who would fight for the championship for a few more years.

Mark Henry was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018, with all of his achievements immortalized. 



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