WATCH: When Randy Orton Delivered the Most Breathtaking RKO to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31

April 1, 2021 7:00 am

WrestleMania 31 featured a ton of incredible moments. From the Undertaker’s incredible return to John Cena’s US Title win, the event featured incredible WrestleMania moments from start to end. However, one superstar had an unforgettable night, and that is Seth Rollins. Although he won the biggest prize in sports entertainment in the beginning, his match with Randy Orton also made headlines.

Randy Orton delivers a WrestleMania special RKO to Seth Rollins

Randy Orton split from the Authority in late 2014, marking a turning point in the Viper’s career. He went from being the sell-out corporate champion to the biggest heel in the industry to an afterthought. The likes of Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and of course, Seth Rollins, surpassed the Viper.

To mark Orton‘s exit from the group, Seth Rollins delivered three vicious Curb Stomps to the Viper. These put him out of action for a significant amount of time, but he returned at Fastlane to send Rollins scampering. The next night on Raw, the Authority confirmed a WrestleMania clash between the two.

WWE Wrestling: WrestleMania 31: Randy Orton victorious, standing over Seth Rollins during event at Levi’s Stadium.
Santa Clara, CA 3/29/2015
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The MITB briefcase holder and the Apex Predator put together a wonderful match, elevated by an equally wonderful finish. Both superstars kicked out of their opponents’ finishers and needed a deathblow to win the match. As Rollins went for a final Curb Stomp, Orton popped up and launched Rollins into the air, only to catch him with an RKO in midair.

That RKO was enough for the Viper to secure a big WrestleMania win and create one of the most spectacular RKOs of all time. As for Rollins, his night wasn’t over.

Seth Rollins ended the night as champion

After eating two RKOs, one of them magnificent enough to become the greatest RKO of all time, Seth Rollins hunted a bigger fish. Losing to Orton did not falter the MITB briefcase holder, who cashed in his contract in the main event.

After Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar‘s brutal and absorbing slugfest, the slimy Rollins sprinted down the ramp and cashed in his briefcase. He knocked Reigns out of the ring and hit a Stomp on Lesnar. As he went for the second one, the Beast grabbed him in position for the F5, but Reigns delivered a wicked Spear to put the Beast down.

The Spear may have put Lesnar out, but left Reigns prone to the Curb Stomp. Rollins hit the Stomp and became the first man to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania.

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