Mya Lesnar is the daughter of Brock Lesnar from his ex-fiance Nicole McClain. She was born in 2002 in Mayfield, Saskatchewan, Canada. Like her father, she is a genetic freak for her age who has acclaimed fame in sports at a young age. Built like a tank, she engages in heavy throw sports like shot put and hammer.

She was admitted to Arizona State University and Colorado State University where she is continuing her studies and her passion for sport. Her recent performance at a sporting has taken over the internet.

Mya Lesnar gets eyeballs rolling after breaking college record


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Mya Lesnar, daughter of WWE icon Brock Lesnar was ecstatic after her recent performance in the Colorado State Athletics event. She posted a clip on Instagram on December 5th where she is throwing a shotput ball. The clip was posted with the caption, “18.50m A new PR and a new school record!!😤 Happy with a strong start to my season.


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Reports indicate that her throw was 18.5 meters long, and it was not just her record but also a record for her school. After the throw, she could be seen screaming in happiness as the watchers clapped for her. It is also to be noted that the event took place in an indoor environment, though shot put is played as an outdoor sport.

The 21-year-old athlete made a name for herself in the track and field event after her record-breaking moment. She performed at Alexandria State after transferring from Arizona State. As per the CSU site, her previous highest throw for shot put was 17.17m which occurred in 2022-23 when she competed in ten outdoor meets.

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Mya Lesnar has been a champion performer since her early school days as she was the Minnesota State Shot Put Champion in 2019. Other than shot put, Mya Lesnar also competes in other events like Hammer throw, Weight Throw, and Discuss throw. She has even played Volleyball for her school.


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Like father, like daughter; Mya Lesnar draws her genetics from Brock Lesnar

Her resume in sports is indeed phenomenal but it is not surprising given her family legacy. She has ingrained her athletic abilities from her father’s genes who himself was a genetic freak in his college days. As a 23-year-old Brock Lesnar won the NCAA Championship in wrestling.

The fame helped Brock Lesnar transition from the OVW 2002 batch to WWE, where he rose to the top in no time. Later he also became the UFC Champion thus further solidifying his status as a once-in-a-lifetime athlete. Mya Lesnar continues to be on the path to stardom as her father. 


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Do you think Mya Lesnar will replicate the feats of her father?

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