“We Don’t Know What CM Punk Got Left in The Tank”- WWE Hall of Famer Raises Concern

July 19, 2020 1:33 pm

Is CM Punk coming back to wrestling? It seems like Booker T might have the answer after all. Reality of Wrestling put out a video on their YouTube channel where Booker T talks about the possibility of CM Punk’s return.

Booker T hints at CM Punk’s return

When he was asked by Ariel Helwani about CM Punk’s return, Booker T revealed that there might be a possibility but even then there are conditions attached to it.

One of the primary factors to consider is if CM Punk has the star power to survive in the ring.

Wrestling is not a child’s play and if a wrestler is away for a while, then it is only logical that they prove themselves before returning to the ring. Therefore, Booker believes that even right now if CM Punk wants to return, he will need to prove himself by winning other titles.

“Right now his name is floating around the water cooler, let’s just say that. Hopefully he will get back in the game but personally I say we don’t know what CM Punk got left in the tank. We don’t know what the legs are like, we don’t know what the condition is like. We don’t know if he’s still got that drawing power. So, he’s definitely going to have to go back out there and you know perhaps get on one of these shows. I don’t know if it will be ROH, I don’t know if he’s going to Japan. But, he is going to have to prove he still has that star power.”

Fans will be ecstatic if CM Punk returns

Now, like most fans, even Ariel Helwani agrees that CM Punk’s return will be of great excitement to the fans. This is not just for WWE fans but for AEW fans as well.

Even with what he has done with UFC, CM Punk has earned the respect of everyone who has witnessed him throw the jabs.

In fact, even Booker T believes that it should not be a problem as long as nobody gets hurt. Whether its UFC or WWE, as long as it works out for CM Punk, it should be fine.

“When I look at CM Punk’s UFC, what I call it is ‘the experiment’. You know what I mean? It worked out for everybody. We got big, we got huge ratings. CM Punk got a big check. At the end of the day nobody got hurt. So, everybody wins as far as I’m concerned.”

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