The WWE Universe got divided as rumors of John Cena vs Austin Theory began to spread like wildfire. According to the report of Fightful Select, WWE recorded a backstage segment between Cena and the current United States champion Austin Theory.

This news has blown the internet and fans are expecting a match between both wrestlers in WrestleMania 39 for the United States championship. 

During the 30th December episode of WWE SmackDown, the cenation leader returned. He teamed up with Kevin Owens to take over the tribal chief Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn.


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But the segment of the blue brand that is being discussed more than the main event is a backstage segment between John Cena and Austin Theory. 

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John Cena and Austin Theory Backstage Segment

According to the reports, Cena and Theory shared a moment backstage during that episode of SmackDown.

Although WWE hasn’t aired the segment yet, but it could be a hint of John Cena vs Austin Theory in WrestleMania 39 for the United States Championship. The WWE Universe went wild as this news came into the spotlight.

This report has divided the fandom into two. Some fans are quite excited about the match while others are in a dilemma. They are coming forward to share their views about the rumored match on Twitter.  

This user believes that will be the craziest match of the year.

This user doesn’t want Cena vs Theory to be the last match of John Cena, calling it a disappointment. 

 This user is clearly very excited about the match

This user has a different thought about the rumored match.


This user thinks that it would be sad if WWE waste Cena on Theory

Future Expectations


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On 30th December 2022, WWE booked Austin Theory for a cage match against Seth Rollins in Toronto, Canada (WWE Live Holiday Tour). However, officials cancelled that match for the above-mentioned segment.

This indicates that the segment must be crucial from WrestleMania’s point of view. Moreover, there haven’t been any booking reports of John Cena for WrestleMania 39. So, it could be possible that officials are considering him for a US title match. 

However, some people also believe that the segment was just for the WWE 2K23 promo, which is set to release in March 2023. Well, all these are just speculations.


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Only time can tell what the segment was all about. Will we get to see John Cena vs Austin Theory or there are some other plans of officials for the 16-time WWE world champion?

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