The RAW after WrestleMania’s opening segment left everyone wanting more. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson interrupted Cody Rhodes at the show’s start and had a lot to say. The Rock said he was leaving for a while but he will be back for Rhodes, stating their story isn’t over yet. During the last part of the segment, DJ reached out in his pocket, handed something to Rhodes, and said, “Don’t you ever break my heart again.”

Cue wild speculation on what was the mysterious ‘gift’ Rhodes received and put in his pocket without revealing it to the world. Rhodes was seen seething afterward, but still, there is no clear clue on what it could be.

After an emotional moment with Triple H, who surprised him with a short video reviewing his career, Cody Rhodes thanked the fans for their support. Moreover, Rhodes promised that he would represent them and his family as champions. And much to the surprise of the audience, The Final Boss appeared to face the new champion, with his People’s Championship belt resting on his shoulders.


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And while The Rock claimed he came out with no enmity, and just to congratulate Rhodes, he did say he would be coming for the Undisputed WWE Championship after the two briefly exchanged their titles. Shortly afterward, The Brahma Bull handed something to Cody and said “You don’t even have to open your hand to know what that is”.

This did throw Rhodes off who didn’t wear a pleasant look after The Rock left the ring. Since the speculation about what it could be is rife, we explore a few possibilities around the mystery gift, with one very dark theory.

Dusty Rhodes’ watch

At WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes finished his story and reached the pinnacle as WWE’s Undisputed Universal Champion. He also received a gold Rolex as a special gift from Triple H, Nick Khan, and Bruce Prichard. ‘The American Nightmare’ revealed at the post-event press conference that this watch has a deep meaning: it’s the copy of the same one his father, Dusty Rhodes, pawned to pay for his son’s acting school.


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During the press conference, Triple H revealed that both he and Bruce were very close to Dusty Rhodes. They also know how important this gesture is to Cody Rhodes. Nick Khan was the one who came up with the initial idea. Bruce Prichard tracked down the identical watch to the one that belonged to Dusty Rhodes to gift it to Rhodes.

So it is possible that the Brahma Bull might’ve tracked down the original watch. There are perks that comes from being $80 million worth. So it would come as no surprise if Johnson bought the original one owned by Dusty Rhodes and gave it to Rhodes, a stretch maybe but WWE can build this narrative.

A Rolex gifted by ‘The American Nightmare’

The connection between Cody Rhodes and luxury watches doesn’t end with his father. In an interview on the MMA Hour, Rhodes revealed how his and Rollins’ shared past has led them to become close friends. And that he had gifted Rollins a Rolex with the inscription of the number ’40’, a number that represents WrestleMania 40, the event where the two would face The Rock and Roman Reigns. But during the interview, Rhodes mentioned, “There’s more than two, I can’t say who all has them but there’s more than two.”

So, it is possible that Rhodes gifted the other two to Reigns and The Rock, but maybe is hiding the fact due to storyline purposes at the moment. How do we know about the watch? That’s because, during the Hall of Fame ceremony this year before Mania, Reigns was seen sporting the same Rolex when he inducted his ‘Wiseman’, Paul Heyman. Since Rhodes mentioned two more, apart from the one for Rollins, it is possible that the third watch was gifted to The Rock.

It could be that The Rock handed back the watch since he is going away and WWE could use a real-life situation to build a story. The fact that Rhodes was seen unhappy afterward, could also hint at that.

Beads from Roman Reigns’ Ula Fala necklace

We told you that the third one would be really dark. So gear up for this one. So when The Rock made his appearance in the ring, the vibe was very eerie, to say the least. Dwayne Johnson meant straight business, and many fans felt that maybe something sinister was looming. And that is what this theory caters to.

What if we tell you that The Rock took care of Roman Reigns? Took care of him for good. When he handed over Rhodes the ‘gift’, he said that “You don’t even have to open your hand to know what that is”. This implies that the said item is of a very particularly unique shape. One that can be easily identified simply by touch. Another line used by The Rock was “Don’t ever break my heart again.” But could it be that the first heartbreak is about Roman Reigns disappointing The Rock by losing the match and he is now handing over the mantle to Rhodes?


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After all, Rhodes did beat Reigns in a Bloodline Rules match, technically becoming the new ‘Tribal Chief. Being the ‘Tribal Chief’ is no easy job.

At WrestleMania XL, not only The Bloodline’s pride but the honor of the entire Samoan family was at stake. So The Rock might’ve thrashed Roman Reigns backstage and exiled him from the WWE for his loss. This is something that would also give Roman Reigns a break to take care of his health till he returns sometime later. In the post-WrestleMania press conference, HHH also said that Reigns’ next chapter would blow away everyone’s mind.

Gifting the bead to Rhodes could either mean that he will be made the new Tribal Chief or he will be taken care of. The same way Roman Reigns was taken care of.


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What do you think? Which of the following theories is your favorite and can turn out to be true? Let us know in the comments.

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