Ever since the Bray Wyatt documentary was released, fans noticed the WWE hinting at the return of Uncle Howdy. The alter ego of the tormented Wyatt’s character was to be portrayed by Wyatt’s real-life brother, Bo Dallas. Fans are excited for the day they will see the Wyatt family’s legacy continue. Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW had another hint at the possible return in a rather cryptic manner.

The WWE declared that it wished to bring Uncle Howdy back. The character was never fleshed out while Wyatt was still in the WWE, and the choice to bring the character back would be the WWE’s way of honouring Wyatt.

Yet another cryptic hint to Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas on WWE RAW


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During The New Day’s entrance, the glitch appeared once again. The glitch was followed by a QR code. Upon scanning the code, it led to an image. Deciphering this image led to a particular link. Upon clicking the link, fans were met with a striking image. What this image symbolizes and where Uncle Howdy could turn up is anyone’s guess.

While there is no clear answer to what this is or what it could mean, one thing is for certain: the WWE really wants Uncle Howdy. At the end of the documentary, he was teased. During the last episode of WWE RAW, he was teased when it went off the air. Even WWE’s official social media handle teased him with a series called “Hello. Hello is just another way of saying Howdy. There is a constant reminder that the WWE has used to ensure that fans remember that he is about to make a return. Fans speculate that he may make his first appearance at a PLE to make his return more significant.

While Bo Dallas did have a run in the company and his gimmick was over, he was released shortly after. Making a return as the Uncle, he teamed him with his real-life brother. Fans were excited to see where this could take the Wyatt family storyline. Unfortunately, Wyatt passed away in 2023, placing the character on the back burner. The WWE hinted at using the character as part of the Bray Wyatt bundle for WWE 2K24. Now, with the tribute to Wyatt and the passing of time, the WWE would like to bring this character to the main roster as a supernatural being.