What Is Heel Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Connection With Versace Shirts?

Published 03/02/2024, 12:24 AM EST

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Dwayne Johnson has been a recurrent center of focus in the WWE Universe ever since his monumental return to the business. From donning a uniquely nostalgic outfit to cement his heel, turning into insulting fans with savage shots, The Rock took over the WWE realm in the past few weeks, and so did his notable gear.

To closely look upon his attire in the recent weeks, it was not a new eccentric outfit that caught the eyeballs, rather it was a clear impersonification of the Hollywood Rock of 1997 with some minute yet significant changes. Here’s everything you need to know about The Rock’s most talked-about in-ring attire belonging to the Attitude era.

Dwayne Johnson’s $500 Versace shirt from the late 90s


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The Rock was fierce last week on WWE TV. He took a fair share of digs at fans for tirelessly rallying behind Cody Rhodes to ‘finish the story’ at WrestleMania. He even pledged that he would do anything and everything to ensure that this does not happen.  Also, later in the show, he had to align with the Bloodline officially. For all those antics, he needed the perfect outfit. And Johnson deemed nothing better than the iconic Versace shirt for doing this job effortlessly.

Back in 1997, the corporate heel Rock used to put on a cool, stylish Versace shirt worth $500. This particular fashion statement became synonymous with his WWE image during 2001. Later, he gave up on the iconic shirt ahead of WrestleMania 17.


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Although it’s evident that The Rock rejuneveted his old look in accordance with his Hollywood Rock gimmick, when it comes to his ongoing Bloodline affairs, he will rather be destined to the High Chief than the Hollywood Rock.

The Rock plays the ‘High Chief’ in the Bloodline 


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The Rock has refound his footing in the Bloodline (Anoa’i) Family tree during the WrestleMania Kickoff press conference. He was preety loud advocating the stable’s legacy and royalty throughout the event. Apart from the mutual respect shown from both parties, the attentive fans must have noticed one thing:  Dwayne Johnson’s family tree has referred him as High Chief/ Seiuli. This name was given to him when he was acknowledged as the High Chief of Samoa.

One can only expect for more things to surface regarding The Rock’s character change and the associated antics down the road.


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What’s your take on The Rock’s $500 Versace shirt dating back to 1997? Let us know in the comments.


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