When Paige Went Too Far by Mocking the Death of Charlotte Flair’s Brother in WWE

Published 10/09/2021, 7:30 AM EDT

Charlotte Flair and Paige were two of the top stars in WWE in the last decade. The two superstars went head to head multiple times. But their feud in 2015 was the most controversial one.


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During the contract signing for the Divas Championship before the Survivor Series 2015 PPV, Paige took a dig at Charlotte as she mocked her brother’s death.

The two former best friends went after each other after Paige split her faction with Charlotte. Paige revealed she does not believe that Charlotte had earned herself the championship.


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Paige also claimed that she was the more deserving candidate for the Divas Championship and even called Charlotte ‘Baby Flair’.

The rivalry was just building up until that moment when Paige took things too far by mentioning Reid Flair’s death. Well, it was not a brilliant move by the WWE, but it unleashed Charlotte’s fury on Paige.

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Paige mocked about the death of Charlotte’s brother during the Contract signing on Raw

Paige was set to challenge ‘The Queen’ for the Divas Championship at WWE Survivor Series in 2015. So, a contract signing took place on Monday Night Raw before that in order to make things official.

But the contract signing made this feud between Charlotte and Paige even more personal when Paige mocked Reid Flair’s death.

It was actually Charlotte who mentioned her brother during this segment. At first, Charlotte praised Paige and claimed that she was there with her when her brother passed away. Then Flair revealed that she was there to fulfill her brother’s dream following his death.

But Paige made fun of Charlotte’s emotions and said that no one would have her back when they meet at the Survivor Series PPV, not even Charlotte’s father, Ric Flair. This made ‘The Queen’ angry and then she talked about how much fight she has in her like her father and her brother.

However, things got more personal after this when the former WWE superstar claimed Charlotte was wrong as her brother did not have much fight in him. This made Charlotte furious, following Paige mocking her brother’s death. She immediately went after Paige and beat her down until the WWE officials jumped in.

Many people consider this segment as controversial because they believed the feud should not have been made so much personal by taking the angle towards the death of Charlotte’s brother.

Charlotte Flair defeated Paige to retain the Divas Championship at WWE Survivor Series 2015

Charlotte was scheduled to defend her title against Paige at the Survivor Series PPV. Earlier, it was about Charlotte proving herself as a champion.

But, following the heated segment on Raw when Paige claimed that Charlotte’s brother did not have much fight in him, things got intense and very personal.


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Ultimately, it was Charlotte who came out on top. Charlotte defeated Paige for the Divas Championship at Survivor Series 2015. Paige got another two chances to take the championship from Charlotte.

First, she got her rematch the following night on Raw and again at the TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV. But she failed as Flair got the better of Paige on both occasions.

That was the end of this controversial feud with Charlotte coming out on top. But many fans still believe that it was absolutely unnecessary for the WWE to bring Charlotte’s brother’s death into this feud. However, the two superstars never failed to give us an exciting match. And so was the case when they met at the Survivor Series PPV.


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Paige and Charlotte had many feuds in the WWE but this feud is still one of the most talked-about to date.



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