Who is Roman Reigns’ Wife?

Published 11/12/2021, 2:00 PM EST

There’s not one who doesn’t know Roman Reigns. He is The Tribal Chief, and acknowledging him is an absolute must if one wants to be a part of the WWE Universe.


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But, while many know about the Glorious Reigns, not much is said about his wife, Galina Becker. It’s time to know The Tribal Chief’s wife and acknowledge her!

Who is Galina Becker?


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Roman Reigns’ wife, Galina Becker, was born on March 11th, 1987 in Jacksonville.

From the time she was in school, Becker started taking part in athletics. In fact, she won multiple medals and awards during her school and college days. Among these achievements are regional titles in long jump and triple jump events during their sophomore, junior, and senior years at school.

She holds a record of 40 feet 5 inches in triple jump.


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How did Galina Becker met Roman Reigns?

Following her school, Galina Becker moved onto Georgia Institute of Technology to pursue management. This is where she met her husband, Roman Reigns.

Even when she was in college, she continued to work with the athletics team. On the other hand, The Tribal Chief was a part of the football team.

After completing her college, Galina Becker pursued a career in modeling. She earned success as a fitness model, and has done several lifestyle shoots which eventually saw her to succeed.

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Is Roman Reigns still married?


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The Tribal Chief and Galina Becker started dating in college, and got engaged in 2012. The duo married in 2014 at Castaway Cay Island owned by Disney.

Currently, the happy couple are parents of five children. Galina Becker and Reigns became parents to daughter Joelle Anoa’i in 2008. Following that, the couple became parents to twin boys in 2016, and another set of twins in 2020.


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After giving birth to their daughter, Becker paused her career as a fitness model.

Galina Becker focused more on parenting and her family as their family increased. Therefore, she isn’t as active on social media as she used to be. However, she shares a good relationship with The Usos and others in Roman Reigns’ family, and even with some individuals in WWE.



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