WWE SmackDown saw Paul Heyman and The Bloodline address their loss at WrestleMania XL. While Heyman took responsibility for the loss, Solo Sikoa had other plans. In Roman Reigns’ absence, Sikoa took control. After he hugged Jimmy Uso, a hooded figure attacked the Uso from the back. It turned out to be Tama Tonga. His presence confused everyone, including Heyman. And let’s not forget Tonga and Reigns’ online X arguments from 2018.

The WWE Universe was expecting a new Samoan to arrive, with reports of Jacob Fatu signing his contract. However, no one expected the latest member of The Bloodline to be Tonga. But how is he related to the others?

How is Tama Tonga connected to Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns, and beyond?


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  • Right now, Tonga and Sikoa seem to be making decisions for The Bloodline. Having debuted on WWE SmackDown as the new member of The Bloodline has opened several doors for future storylines for Tonga. After the show, fans took to social media to talk about the wrestler. In fact, many did not know that he did not belong to the Anoa’i family.
  • Tonga is the nephew and adopted son of professional wrestler Haku. His real name is Tama Tonga Aloisio Leone, and he is also the adoptive brother of wrestler Tevita. His maternal aunt, Tonga Fifita, adopted him and his blood brother Taula, making him part of the Fifita family. While the legendary Anoa’i family didn’t raise him, he is considered a part of their family.
  • Although he does not share the same bloodline as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Roman Reigns, they consider his father, Haku, their uncle. However, he does represent the Tangan lineage.

  • This can further raise a debate among fans. Until now, only Anoa’i family members were part of The Bloodline. However, many predicted this could be the development of the new version of The Bloodline. After all, they are entering a new era. Since Reigns was not on the show, only speculations are available now.
  • Even Paul Heyman was surprised by Tonga’s appearance. When he tried to call Reigns, Sikoa took Heyman’s phone and stomped on it. Further, during the manager’s backstage segment, Tonga interrupted him and said, “By orders of the Tribal Chief”. Heyman looked like he had no idea what was going on.

Is Roman Reigns still the Tribal Chief?


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This is a question on everyone’s mind after what Sikoa did on SmackDown. While The Wise Man, Heyman, is always left in charge of The Bloodline, tonight, Sikoa seemed to be running things. After Jimmy Uso’s attack, Tonga did say it was by orders of the Tribal Chief. Now further, Paul Heyman is known to pull out his phone to call Reigns. If Reigns had ordered the attack, Heyman would’ve known. So what’s really going on here?

Is Bloodline versus Bloodline, with Reigns and USOs on one side and Sikoa, Tama, and The Rock on the other side coming up next? Or could it be possible that Reigns lost his Tribal Chief position after his defeat to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania? Nothing is known yet. However, did you know that Roman Reigns and Tonga engaged in online wars back in 2018?


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Tonga: “You ain’t nobody……b**ch.”
Reigns: “Sounds like something from a Drake alum….. ohhhhh wait, it is.”
Of course, Tonga wasn’t going to keep quiet. He hit back: Got the #Snitch. Your bark can’t seem to get OVER your Yard for me to hear you. My yard has no fences, come test your skills here anytime. “Jealousy is a b*tch trait”- what album is that from? #RomanTheRat”


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Why did this disagreement even take place? Well, Tonga’s account was put in ‘Twitter Jail’. But when he returned, he started looking for the one who turned him in. And Roman Reigns was his prime suspect. But during a 2020 interview, he explained it was a friendly banter. “All positive for me. To me, it’s nothing. If the fans think so, okay, great […] And we had a lot of spat… but he knows now I ain’t one to back down… We have that understanding,” he said.

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