When one betrays The Beast, the consequences come roaring! Now, imagine a situation where Paul Heyman betrays Brock Lesnar, that too one which cost Lesnar the WWE Championship?

Well, there’s no room left for imagination since it’s happened! ‘The Wise-Man’ betrayed ‘The Beast Incarnate’ to help ‘The Tribal Chief’ at Royal Rumble 2022! But, it wasn’t a simple betrayal. It took preparation, and Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman ensured Brock Lesnar lost the WWE Championship.


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The only question is: why did Paul Heyman do this?

Here’s what it is. Heyman and Reigns realized Lesnar was only trying to drive a wedge between them. Hence, he constantly played mind games with Reigns, trying to claim Heyman was working with Lesnar behind his back.

Both of them understood it was time to put a stop to his games and eliminate any chances of Roman Reigns facing Brock Lesnar a second time in a title match. The only way to do so was to have Lesnar agreed to a stipulation match and then take away the requirement.

The plan took shape.

First, Heyman took Lesnar’s side on a show when Reigns took a day off. Second, Reigns “fired” Paul Heyman on live TV on SmackDown: December 18th, 2021. Third, Paul Heyman aligned with Lesnar on Raw: January 2nd, 2022 after Lesnar won the WWE Championship at Day 1.

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Brock Lesnar did not expect Paul Heyman to break his trust

By this time, Lesnar began trusting Paul Heyman. He ended up revealing to Reigns that Heyman had never backstabbed Reigns, and he was only messing with Reigns. This was all that Roman Reigns needed to hear to solidify the plan further.

Brock Lesnar, fuelled by passion, issued a title vs title match for WrestleMania 38, and Reigns agreed. The only thing to do here was ensure Lesnar no longer had the title.

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At Royal Rumble 2022, Lesnar put the title on the line against Bobby Lashley. This was the best opportunity to ensure Lesnar doesn’t remain champion. So, Reigns arrived out of nowhere and speared Lesnar, and Heyman handed Roman Reigns the title. The Tribal Chief smashed The Beast with the belt before leaving the ring.


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Bobby Lashley used that moment to pin Brock Lesnar for the victory.

Now, Lesnar is left without a championship, and Roman Reigns has one. A title vs title match isn’t on the cards anymore.

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As the WWE Royal Rumble 2022 winner, Brock Lesnar has chosen Roman Reigns as the champion to challenge but he contract is yet to be signed.

What if Roman Reigns refuses to sign it considering his WrestleMania 38 match is supposed to be title vs title?