Why is Brock Lesnar so Big?

Published 01/09/2022, 11:00 AM EST

Brock Lesnar is not called the Beast Incarnate just like that. The strength and ability that Lesnar possesses are incredible. His physique is astonishing, and he is undoubtedly one of the biggest and strongest superstars in WWE.


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Over the years in WWE, we have seen some big guys boasting of massive strength and physique. However, they lack speed inside the ring.

But with Lesnar, that’s not the case, especially during the early days of his WWE career. He not only displayed his strength but also impressed everyone by pulling off moves like the sunset flip and the shooting star from the top rope.


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Why does Brock Lesnar look so big?

Do you wonder why Brock Lesnar looks so big? Well, the primary reason for this is his athletic background before coming into WWE. He is a fitness freak like many, and his workout routine is really intense.

But the unique thing about Lesnar is that he improved his physique ever since his childhood. The Beast Incarnate used equipments available on his farm in Webster to develop his physique. He grew up in farm life.

He even did the hunting and worked hard every single day. Later, Lesnar got into football and amateur wrestling. He even tried to pursue a career in the NFL.

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The former WWE Universal Champion had put an impressive performance at the NFL Combine. Several NFL teams showed interest after watching Brock Lesnar. But unfortunately, Lesnar met with an accident that brought the curtains down to his NFL and football career.

How much does Brock Lesnar weigh?

The Beast Incarnate is undoubtedly one of the strongest wrestlers in WWE at the moment.

During his WWE career, Lesnar also lifted some of the strongest wrestlers like Braun Strowman during Lesnar’s feud with the former WWE superstar.

But do you know how much Lesnar weighs? According to starSunfolded, Brock Lesnar weighs 286 lbs.

Who is bigger between Brock Lesnar and Batista?

If you talking about WWE’s biggest and strongest guys, another name that you have got to remember is Batista. The former WWE superstar had the reputation of a powerhouse.

Though the two men won several championships and had fought against some of the greatest WWE wrestlers, they never crossed paths on television.

But they had been part of Ohio Valley Wrestling, where they competed against each other. But do you know who is physically bigger between Brock Lesnar and Batista?

According to starSunfolded, Brock Lesnar is 1.91m tall and weighs 286 lbs. And according to Celebsline, Batista is 1.98m tall and weighs 290 lbs. By looking at the numbers, you can understand how big and strong these two WWE legends are.


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How is the Beast Incarnate so muscular?

The primary reason for this is his workout, early farm life, and his brief football career. Lesnar is an athlete ever since his high school and college days.


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Another thing that is important is Brock Lesnar’s diet. That also greatly contributed to keeping the Beast Incarnate fit and healthy.

Thus, Brock Lesnar is definitely one of the strongest wrestlers and people are a fan of his physique. Are you a fan of Brock Lesnar’s physique too? How do you rate Lesnar’s physique and ability inside the ring?



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