Is Jacob Fatu joining Roman Reigns' Bloodline the betrayal WWE fans have been waiting for?

The fact that Jacob Fatu has entered Solo Sikoa’s bloodline is questionable. Fatu made a fantastic debut on WWE TV and is now a recognized member of the Bloodline. He is extremely popular in the WWE Universe because he possesses the presence and aura that a WWE superstar needs. Furthermore, there is a widespread conjecture that the Samoan Werewolf will betray Solo Sikoa, but will this truly happen?

Let’s take a look at some of the evidence that currently points to Jacob Fatu’s probable betrayal of the Bloodline. Solo Sikoa is currently sitting at the head of the table, but he is still unable to effectively manage the entire family. He is forcing himself to be on top, and as a result, he is receiving a lot of criticism from people, but Jacob Fatu is a man who is deserving of more than what he is right now as he is simply a guy for Solo Sikoa.

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One of the factors that might lead to this betrayal is the possibility of Roman Reigns returning and making Jacob Fatu recognize his true value. Furthermore, the Bloodline is enormous, and the Anoi family is much greater; Roman Reigns is in charge of the entire clan, and Jacob Fatu respects this. Because of this aspect, his chances of joining forces with Roman Reigns may grow.


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Also, Fatu joining Reigns would level out the Bloodline Civil War, since Reigns will have Jimmy Uso when he returns, giving them three men. Thus, the necessity for Jey Uso to abandon his singles run and team up with Reigns to equal the odds will be unnecessary, since Jey Uso now has a lot of momentum with the WWE Universe.

When Jacob Fatu can betray Solo Sikoa?

As you may have noted, the aforementioned possibilities are only going to occur if the Tribal Chief returns. The true Head of The Table is scheduled to return shortly, and WWE can then figure things out for the Bloodline so that they may carry out their plan.

Although this is only speculation, the Jacob Fatu face run would be much more thrilling for fans who have enjoyed his screen appearance thus far. Furthermore, they would like to support Fatu in this plot since it would help the wrestlers’ careers expand even further. Only time will tell what WWE has in mind.

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