Wrestling Fans Trash AEW for Trying to Make Money Off Stone Cold Steve Austin on 3:16 Day

Published 03/17/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Twenty-six years ago, the WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin cut his life’s most iconic promo. At the King of the Ring tournament 1996, Steve Austin defeated Jake “The Snake” Roberts in the final. Since then, he became “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the WWE Universe celebrates 16th March as Austin 3:16 day.


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However, today the rival promotion, AEW infuriated the professional wrestling fans on Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16. This was because the All Elite Wrestling featured the special edition of Britt Baker’s t-shirt merchandise. In addition, Thunder Rosa hitting the very amazing Stone Cold stunner on Britt Baker also created heat among the fans.

The latest episode of AEW Dynamite was named St. Patrick’s Day Slam! AEW hosted the St. Patrick’s Day Slam episode from the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas.


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But when it comes to recollecting the Texas legend, only one name pops into the head of the wrestling world. He is none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. During the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, Thunder Rosa paid homage to the WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin by hitting a stunner on Baker.

Did AEW pay tribute to Stone Cold Steve Austin or make money off of the 3:16 merchandise?

The wrestling fans pointed out that a stunner by Thunder Rosa was an Austin 3:16 day tribute. Even Rosa’s attire had 3:16 written on it. Nevertheless, Thunder Rosa emerged victorious over Dr. Britt Baker and won the AEW Women’s title.


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Before the St. Patrick’s Day Slam episode, the All Elite Wrestling announced new merchandise for DMD, aka Britt Baker. The t-shirt wrote, “DMD 3.16.22 CAGE MATCH.”

This is where the wrestling fans flipped their mind and took to Twitter to share their vent their anger.

Wrestling fans assumed that the AEW is making money from Stone Cold Steve Austin’s merchandise. We all know 3:16 is a signature mark established by the WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin.

AEW launching the same merchandise for Britt Baker on Austin 3:16 day aggravated the fans.

Other references of The Texas Rattlesnake on AEW TV!

Some fans imagined that the AEW was trying to steal the thunder from Austin 3:16 day. In addition, Tony Khan’s company also promoted Jon Moxley’s in-ring attire by making him wear a skull-painted t-shirt.

Stone Cold Steve Austin inspired a white skull on a shirt. However, many fans believed that paying tribute to Austin on 3:16 day differs from what AEW did with Britt Baker’s merchandise.


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The Wednesday night Dynamite was headlined by a steel cage match for the AEW Women’s World title. The AEW Star, Britt Baker, tried to defend her AEW Women Championship against Thunder Rosa.

Texas is Thunder Rosa’s hometown, and the crowd fully supported her. Whenever a wrestling promotion wants to respect a legend on their platform, they should keep in mind that fans monitor every move by the company.


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AEW releasing Dr. Britt Baker’s merchandise the same way as Stone Cold’s t-shirt on Austin 3:16 day was probably a dangerous move.

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