WWE Announces Huge Match for NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff at NXT War Games

November 26, 2020 10:18 am

On the latest edition of NXT, the WWE Universe saw the return of Kevin Owens. He was back to the Black and Gold brand to host the Kevin Owens show.

The guest on the latest edition of the KO show was NXT North American Champion, Leon Ruff. Owens seemed excited as he claimed he wanted to speak to the champ even before he came to NXT this week.

They were soon interrupted by Johnny Gargano, who yelled that Ruff didn’t beat him and it was some prank. He also claimed to be the real North American Champion, and Ruff still has the championship because of Priest.

It was Priest’s turn to walk out. Gargano claimed he can win the back the title if he faced Ruff one-on-one without Priest interfering. As things got physical and heated in the ring, Priest claimed to have never gotten a rematch.

As Owens wished for an NXT version of WWE Hall of Famer Theodore Long, NXT General Manager William Regal walked out.

Regal announced Priest vs. Gargano vs. Ruff in a Triple Threat at the WarGames 2020. Regal uttered Long’s iconic catchphrase ‘Playa!’ as he walked off, confirming the match.

A wild ride for Leon Ruff on WWE NXT

Leon Ruff shocked the world a few weeks back on NXT when he defeated Johnny Gargano to become the new NXT Champion. Gargano’s championship curse continued as once again as he could not defend his recently won championship.

Last week, Gargano got his rematch. However, just like the title match, Ruff had help from Priest once again, which didn’t sit well with Ruff. This got him in Priest’s crosshairs as he had a heated exchange last week.

On December 6th, Ruff has a chance to prove his worth to the NXT Universe. This time, there will be no one to help the champ against Priest and Gargano.

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