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WWE Announces the Next Opponent for Randy Orton

WWE Announces the Next Opponent for Randy Orton

The upcoming episode of WWE Raw will witness Randy Orton face his next opponent.

Kevin Owens challenges Randy Orton for WWE Raw

This match between the two Superstars was decided upon following Ric Flair’s passing comment on Kevin Owens. According to Flair, Owens is becoming a bit too much like a guidance counselor lately.

To this, Owens responded saying he is just trying to be a locker room leader, unlike Randy Orton. Furthermore, Owens challenged The Viper to a match for WWE RAW.

Now, Randy Orton has been invincible since WrestleMania 36. Therefore, there is no doubt that Orton will be searching for opportunities to attack Kevin Owens with his RKOs and punt-kicks.

He might even use this match to let Drew McIntyre know that he is next on Orton’s list. This might be Orton’s way of letting the audience know what is in store for Drew McIntyre during SummerSlam 2020.

Coming to Kevin Owens, let’s not forget that he beat John Cena after making it to the main roster. It will not be wise to dismiss Kevin Owens’ skills and talent in the ring.

Kevin Owens is one Superstar who is as good as a heel, as he is as a face. So, exactly how he plans to approach this match will be an interesting notion to watch.

Finally, another segment that fans can assume will happen in-case Randy Orton emerges victorious, is an attack from Drew McIntyre. Considering Orton attacked McIntyre from the back, stood over him, and held the belt may be trigger enough for McIntyre to do the same.

Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton

However, this can only be the case if Orton wins. There is an equally good chance for Kevin Owens to win but he needs to be at his absolute best.

Owens will need to be well-prepared for this match. Currently, Orton is better than almost every WWE Superstar.

Source: WWE Twitter

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