WWE Champion Bobby Lashley Urges WWE to Bring Back a Released Superstar

Published 03/31/2021, 8:30 AM EDT

Bobby Lashley, the current WWE Champion, has been making headlines for the last few weeks. Now, he wants to rise further and make greater impact, but with a former ally by his side.


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In a recent appearance on The Battleground Podcast, ‘The Almighty’ revealed that he wants Lio Rush, his former on-screen manager, to return to WWE and join The Hurt Business.

“Can’t speculate and throw stuff out because I don’t know where we’re going, it’s only fantasy booking. I don’t know where Lio [Rush] is at. I like Lio and always loved Lio. Bring him back.”


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Rush responded to Lashley’s expectation.

Lio Rush and Lashley were together on Monday Night Raw, where he introduced Rush as his manager. Soon afterward Lashley turned heel, and the audience went wild. The duo separated after WrestleMania 36 after reports emerged of Rush having backstage heat and hence taking a sabbatical.

Lashley aligned with MVP after this separation and formed The Hurt Business.

Why does Bobby Lashley want Lio Rush in The Hurt Business?

It’s possible Bobby Lashley wants Lio Rush to join The Hurt Business because slots have opened up after Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander left.

On Monday Night Raw: March 29th, 2021, MVP ripped into Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander for losing a handicap match against Drew McIntyre. Benjamin and Alexander revolted to the humiliation with force, and the segment ended with Lashley thrashing them until they walked away from the ring.

The Hurt Business breaking up was quite a shock to the WWE Universe considering that the faction was performing great. All four of them maintained characters and sold performances as heels. There was no big flaw within the faction that led WWE to break them up.

The fact that WWE split the two factions that were doing very well on Raw, Retribution and The Hurt Business, might indicate a fresh approach the company is pursuing.

Moreover, these two factions have faced off in the past. While Retribution was wreaking havoc, it was The Hurt Business that was trying to protect the company.

Only time will tell if the company breaking up both factions within a week’s time is purely coincidental or intentional.

‘The Almighty’ teams up another former partner

Coming to Bobby Lashley’s solo run, he’s preparing for a match against Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania. However, King Corbin appeared on Raw to assist Lashley against McIntyre when the former answered McIntyre’s open challenge.


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Maybe with space within The Hurt Business, MVP and Bobby Lashley might be open to having King Corbin as a part of the faction. In fact, Corbin could be The Hurt Business’ representative on SmackDown.


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What do you think about King Corbin or Lio Rush joining The Hurt Business? Let us know in the comments below.


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