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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is Heartbroken after a Tragic Loss

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is Heartbroken after a Tragic Loss

Drew McIntyre

A strong exterior with a soft interior, that’s exactly what WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre is.

Drew McIntyre pens a heartwarming message for Piper

McIntyre took to Twitter to express the hurt and emotions he is feeling at the passing of his cat. He wrote a heartwarming message for his pet cat, Piper.

“We lost our little girl yesterday. If you have a pet, don’t take a moment for granted. They’re better than people. Every time you have to leave them tell them they’re loved, you might never get that chance again. Cherish every moment. Thank you for lighting up our lives, Piper”

The people who have a pet or pets understand the pain that Drew McIntyre is going through. Moreover, there aren’t enough words that can help a man grieve the loss of a beloved pet.

Many from the wrestling industry came forward to support Drew McIntyre during his loss. Some of the names among them are WWE’s Nikki Cross, Mustafa Ali, and Peyton Royce.

Furthermore, Several fans conveyed their condolences as well. This definitely is a dark day in the Superstar’s life.

The story about how McIntyre came to meet Piper is absolutely heartwarming. He revealed that someone heard cries of help and Piper was discovered. Being the absolute legend he is, he immediately decided to bring her home and give her shelter, warmth, and love.

“This girl was abandoned outside & we were fortunate someone heard her cries for help. Trust can take a while, it starts with small steps but when earned it leads to a beautiful relationship. She’s got battle scars but she’s a little warrior. Welcome to the family Piper”

Obviously his fans were beyond happy with his gesture. In fact, some of them are of the opinion that McIntyre can win hearts both inside and outside the ring.

Source: Drew McIntyre Twitter

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