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WWE Fans Pit Roman Reigns Against The Rock for the Next Major Storyline

WWE Fans Pit Roman Reigns Against The Rock for the Next Major Storyline

Roman Reigns comes from a lineage of legendary Wrestlers. Carrying the torch on, he may just become the greatest of the lot. Now that he has exhausted every possible storyline, fans have conjured up another major road for “The Big Dog”.

Roman Reigns will defend the Universal Championship against Jey Uso at Clash of Champion later this month. Facing his own sibling doesn’t seem to bother Reigns and he will do what it takes to retain.

WWE confirms Roman Reigns return four months after WrestleMania withdrawal... but wait his for in-ring comeback goes on

Journalist Alex McCarthy suggested a major storyline on Twitter which could be the main path up to WrestleMania 37. The storyline would involve Roman Reigns taking down every member of his family, including the legend Rikishi.

After trumping Jey Uso, we could see his brother Jimmy coming to take down Reigns. The blood involved could make this feud a legendary battle involving one of WWE’s greatest wrestling families.

Jimmy Uso | WWE

Don’t forget that WWE legends like Umaga, Yokozuna, and Sam Fatu are his cousins. His father is Sika Anoa’i, the former WWF tag team Champion.

The main point is that the greatest WWE Superstar related to Reigns is none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who also happens to be his cousin.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will return for WWE SmackDown on Fox

Reigns could take down every member of his family right up to The Rock, who will face him for a massive showdown at WrestleMania 37. This event could be the headliner for WWE and could pull the ratings up to an entirely new level.

What’s also exciting is that we could possibly see Rikishi re-enter the ring. For those of you who remember, it was quite unpleasant being on the receiving end of Rikishi’s famous Stink Face.

Rikishi Wasn't Cleared To Do A Stinkface On The Raw Reunion | WrestleTalk

Like many feuds before, the more personal they are, the more the fans are interested. Heel Roman Reigns could take this to new heights as his storyline escalates.

All we can hope for now is that the WWE writers see this and make it happen. The Rock vs Roman Reigns is the WrestleMania match of the ages that will surely be electrifying.

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