Fans are of utmost importance for any sport. They light up any major event by showing up and giving their unwavering support. In short, it’s impossible to even think of the existence of sports without fans. The dreadful worldwide pandemic gave us a glimpse of what major events could look like without them. It is therefore essential that the spectators are taken care of. However, unfortunate accidents are bound to happen to fans, especially in a sport like WWE where fans are very close to the action. The same was the case for a WWE fan. He has recently taken on the promotion for causing an alleged serious health issue.

The company has been synonymous with theme-based sets which suit the requirement of the event. Spectators on TV don’t bother much about it apart from the great wrestling on offer. But the large crowd that attends a major wrestling event needs to be wooed by the great presentation. Pyrotechnics are a major part of winning over the fans present in the arena. But it has recently come out as an Achilles heel for the WWE, as a fan has sued the company over it. The incident happened during WrestleMania 38 which took place last year in Arlington, Texas at the AT&T stadium.

WWE finds itself in a latest legal soup


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A spectator by the name of Marvin Jackson has entered into a legal tussle with the Stamford-based promotion. He has claimed that he lost hearing in his left ear due to the pyrotechnics employed on the show. The Showcase of Immortals was spread over two nights in 2022.

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The lawsuit which was filed last month in a Texas court has claimed damages amounting to $1 million as per PW Insider, reported by Sescoops. WWE recently filed a request to have the case moved to the United States District Court in the Northern District of Texas, Forth Worth Division. A ruling on the matter has not been given yet.

Pyrotechnics has had a controversial past in the WWE


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Pyrotechnics were heavily used during the famous ‘Attitude Era’. And holds a nostalgic value for much of the fanbase. There have been instances in the past of even performers becoming its victims. Legends Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker have bored the brunt of it in separate incidents during their entrance. 

WWE had limited pyros’ use in 2017 to only major yearly events. But the use of the display again became a norm back in 2019.

The Grand Daddy of Them All was quite a successful spectacle last year. It featured the much-awaited return of the legendary Stone Cold. The event also saw the shocking return of second-generation superstar Cody Rhodes.


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WWE finds itself in a spot of bother owing to the allegations in the lawsuit. The fans of the wrestling juggernaut would want to keep a close eye on what happens next.

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