WWE Hall of Famer Explains Why WWE Fans Boo Roman Reigns

Published 07/08/2020, 9:50 AM EDT

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WWE legend and Hall of Famer Arn Anderson gives his thoughts on why Roman Reigns can’t get over with the WWE universe.

The Powerhouse has become one of the most highly accomplished superstars in a very short time.

These accolades comprise multiple world titles, a Royal Rumble win, and larger than life WrestleMania moments.


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The Juggernaut had his big debut with the Shield in 2012. From thereon, The Samoan has only had success in his path.

As a singles competitor, The Big Dog was unstoppable. He went on to fight and defeat the biggest superstars like AJ Styles, Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

After a star-studded few years, Reigns was diagnosed with Leukaemia and had to leave the WWE. He recovered from the deadly disease in 2019.

Post that, he moved to the SmackDown brand and was the no. 1 contender for Goldberg’s universal title at WrestleMania 36.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Pandemic, he pulled himself out.

In this dream journey of Reigns, the only thing he could not achieve is complete fan support.

To make things worse, he was booked to beat Undertaker at WrestleMania. Arn Anderson gives his take on the Big Dog.

How Much Does One of The Biggest WWE Superstars Roman Reigns Earn?

Arn Anderson calls Roman Reigns a movie star

On the ArnShow, the legend was asked about Roman Reigns and his problem in getting over with the fans.

Anderson talks about Reigns having looks and qualities of a movie star.


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Every person with a compatible sexuality would certainly look at Roman Reigns at least once, even though that might not sit well with their partners.

“It’s got nothing to do with his ability to work. You don’t notice it as much in the live events because the pro vs. con reactions are probably 80-20 on the pro side. For T.V., a lot of stuff gets pumped in even though the audience doesn’t act that way. Roman comes through the curtain, looking like a movie star. If your girlfriend is sitting beside you, she’s probably going to stand up and go, ‘Who is that’? which pissed most adult males off, and Roman’s a hell of an athlete.”

Arn later emphasized on the constant change in characters as one of the reasons Roman could not get over.

“Roman should’ve come through that curtain to this day, if he had a promo it was 1 or 2 Clint Eastwood lines uncontested, and then he just kicks ass. He’s a Samoan killing machine, and that’s who he should’ve been. When you try and flip a guy from heel to babyface, the audience gets confused. Roman Reigns should either still be a babyface from the first time they turned him, and no switches in between or he should be an ass-kicking heel.”

When a person of Arn’s stature and experience says something, it has to be true.


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If one looks in hindsight, Roman has always got love as the anti-hero bad a** guy.

The Shield was a loved faction due to their rebellious and no-nonsense nature. When he started going on his own and tried to be the good boy, the audience turned on him.


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When The Shield was re-formed in 2016, the group went back to its old rebellious self and Roman was again a fan favorite.

Which type of character suits The Big Dog? Face or the anti-hero? Let us know what you feel.


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Andrew Rego


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