WWE Hall of Famer Molly Holly Returning to the Company in an Exciting Role

Published 05/31/2021, 10:09 PM EDT

WWE is reportedly in talks with Hall of Famer, Molly Holly, for the role of a backstage producer. Being one of the most recognizable female faces from the attitude era, her addition could add tremendous value.


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Molly Holly could be back in WWE


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According to reports by “Mike Johnson at PWInsider“, Molly Holly is behind the scenes for WWE Raw. Apparently, she in for a tryout as a potential producer.

This could be massive news for the wrestlers, especially the female roster. A former WWE Women’s champion as a producer can only mean great things lie ahead for WWE’s women’s division.

In recent months, we have seen a considerable amount of female wrestlers coming back into the ring, albeit for a brief moment. Might Molly also made a surprise cameo at the 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble, entering at number three.

To her dismay, she could only manage to last a little over ten minutes before being eliminated by Bianca Belair (current WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion).

The former WWE Diva’s Champion, Natalya Neidhart, is another female wrestler who made her comeback. She is now one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions along with Tamina Snuka.

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Development of future women wrestlers

The increased involvement of wrestling veterans in WWE hints that they want to make WWE better than it is now. The upcoming talent is hugely benefitting from this. Tamina Snuka is a prime example.

Even Natalya praised Tamina’s improved wrestling ability in an interview with “The Bump”. She said,

Tamina’s been in the shadows for over a decade. She’s so nice, she’s so sweet, she’s so humble. But what I’ve learnt first hand that being nice, sweet and humble doesn’t get you ahead, especially in WWE and this moment for her at WrestleMania was a chance for her to prove to the world that she is really — the dragon is alive and well and ready to take everything that’s her’s.

“You know she was one of the worldwide trends during WrestleMania. People were rallying behind Tamina because her story is so relatable. She really found herself and the people were chanting her name — for me to hear that. It made me so emotional even being in the match.”

To know more about the interview, click below.


“Worthy of being champion”- Natalya Praises WWE Partner Tamina

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