WWE Hell in a Cell Results : Two New Champions Crowned

Published 10/25/2020, 10:42 PM EDT

WWE Hell in a Cell just got over. Although not every title was defended, the pay-per-view gave the viewers an exciting event. With great matches in and outside of the cell, the PPV was worth remembering.


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Including the pre-show, there were a total of seven matches, out of which five were title matches, and three of them were inside the eponymous cell. Here are the complete results from Hell in a Cell 2020-

R-Truth (C) defeated Drew Gulak for the WWE 24/7 Championship


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The match was the only one at the pre-show. R-Truth was the champion going in. Gulak tried his best to defeat Truth but was unsuccessful.

Interestingly, R-Truth used various moves of John Cena. Even after he won, Truth was chased by Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, and Akira Tozawa for the title.

Roman Reigns (C) defeated Jey Uso for the WWE Universal Championship in an “I Quit” match

As promoted earlier, the match had “the highest stakes.” Roman and Jey both gave their best to make the opening match memorable.

Although Reigns had only the title to lose, the Uso brothers had much more. As per the conditions, Jey Uso and his brother Jimmy Uso have to take orders and acknowledge Reigns as The Tribal Chief or The Usos and their immediate families will be exiled from the Anoa’i family.

When things got intense, the officials tried to stop the match, but The Tribal Chief paid no heed. As the torture continued and Uso didn’t quit, Jimmy stormed into the ring and pleaded with Roman Reigns to stop hurting his family. Reigns answered he didn’t know who he is anymore.

Reigns put Jimmy in the guillotine choke, which made Jey finally quit. After the match, Afa and Sika were on the entry ramp, embracing Reigns and adorning him with a lei and the Chief’s title.

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Elias defeats Jeff Hardy via disqualification

Arguably the simplest match of the night, Jeff Hardy lost the match to Elias. The duo started their feud as Elias accused Hardy of hitting and injuring him with a car.

Although Hardy confessed he didn’t, Elias had the match to settle everything. The match was good and showcased both wrestlers’ prowess, but Elias was declared as the winner. Jeff Hardy smashed Elias’ guitar on his back and got disqualified; hence, Elias won.

Miz defeated Otis to win the Money in the Bank contract

Miz never considered Otis as a suitable Money in the Bank contract holder. He tried everything to break Otis’ morale as Miz moved Otis’s girlfriend Mandy Rose to Raw, tried to steal the contract, and sued Otis.

As announced by the Court of ThuderDome, Otis and Miz went into the fight to settle all disputes. John Morrison accompanied Miz, and Tucker accompanied Otis.

Morrison distracted the referee multiple times, but it was Tucker who showed his true colors. Tucker hit Otis with the briefcase, turning on his friend and allowing Miz to score the pin and capture the Money in the Bank contract.

Sasha Banks defeated Bayley (C) for the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Putting an end to the long feud of the former best friends, Bayley and Banks, The Boss won her first SmackDown Women’s Championship. However, Bayley, too, put on a great fight.

The Superstars tried to one-up each other in the best way possible. Bayley went really creative with various maneuvers to defeat Banks, targeting her neck constantly.

But Banks gave Bayley a taste of her own medicine as she used a steel chair to choke Bayley out in the Bank Statement. Bayley tapped out, and Banks came out of her third Hell in a Cell match as a winner.

Bobby Lashley (C) Defeated Slapjack for the United States Championship

This match came about after Mustafa Ali laid out a challenge for any member of The Hurt Business to face any member of Retribution on the pre-show. MVP said Lashley would defend his United States title against Slapjack.

Slapjack put up a good fight, countering Lashley most of the time. Lashley eventually had enough and tossed Slapjack around the ring for a few minutes before locking in the Hurt Lock for the victory.

Retribution ran into the ring after the match and attacked Lashley. Lashley was able to fight them off before the group had to flee when the rest of Hurt Business came to the ring.

Randy Orton defeated Drew McIntyre (C) for the WWE Championship


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After months and months of feuding, Orton finally got what he wanted. After a massive brawl outside the cell, the men took all their frustration out on each other.

The men climbed up the cell, almost recreating the Undertaker vs. Mankind moment. Orton did throw McIntyre off the cell into the announce table, but McIntyre recovered.


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Ultimately, McIntyre succumbed to Orton’s RKO. Orton became a 14-time world champion as McIntyre’s legendary reign ended.

Hopefully, this pay-per-view will give rise to many more interesting rivalries and matches in the future.



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