WWE Legend Goldberg Adds Another Impressive Gun to His Arsenal

Published 05/27/2022, 12:00 PM EDT

It’s not surprising that WWE legend Goldberg is a man of many skills. Indeed, WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has fired and ripped apart his opponents inside the wrestling ring. Goldberg has an unprecedented record of 173 victories to 0 defeats as the WCW World champion.

But apart from ‘Da Man’ Goldberg’s accolades inside the ring, he’s also passionate about firearms. The WWE Hall of Famer is really into guns, whether it be rifles, pistols, automatics, or anything else.



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Well, we are all aware of the love that Goldberg has received from wrestling fans. With Da Man’s accomplishment as a professional wrestler, fans often send him a token of appreciation.

Goldberg received a gift inspired by Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Understanding Goldberg’s passion for firearms, a fan sent him a gun in the form of best wishes. But, just like his “Spear” maneuver, always hit as a surprise to his opponents, even he was caught off when a fan surprised him with a Raptor II pistol.


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However, the pistol received by ‘The Icon’ Goldberg was not an ordinary one. A retired law enforcement officer named Orly Botello drove 3 hours to Goldberg’s place to hand him the gun. This Raptor II gun has a custom Texas Rattlesnake grip skin!

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Yes! You read it right, ‘Da Man’ received a special edition of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Texas Rattlesnake gun skin. The WWE Hall of Famer, in his caption, couldn’t stop expressing his gratitude to the fan/former retired law enforcement officer.

‘The Icon’ and his love for firearms

This is not the first time Bill Goldberg has flaunted his firearms to his fans. Not only does ‘The Icon’ can knock his rivals in one shot, but he also has similar skill in shooting guns.



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WWE Hall of Famer is insanely fond of guns and has a gun collection that will shock the wrestling fans. ‘The Icon’ once showed his shooting skills at shooting ranches. So it’s a pleasure to the eyes of the WWE Universe when Golberg picks up the massive rifle and aims for the target.

‘Da Man’ is super protective when it comes to his babies aka firearms. But, thanks to Goldberg’s safe storage facility, he keeps all his guns secured. Back in 2021, WWE Hall of Famer posted a picture on his Instagram account and thanked Red Beard Gun works and Apache Rifle works for building big-time metal storage for his firearms.


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Goldberg couldn’t be happier when the Texas Rattlesnake edition of the Raptor II pistol was added to his gun collection. All that was possible because a fan expressed his love for the WWE Hall of Famer.



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