WWE Legend Jeff Hardy to Face Mustafa Ali in Mid-Week Main Event Show

Published 06/02/2021, 8:15 AM EDT

The WWE Universe reacts when an unusual match comes their way, especially a main event match. It seems there is going to be a match between Jeff Hardy and Mustafa Ali in the upcoming Main Event.


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Mustafa Ali tweeted a picture of half his face alongside half of Jeff Hardy’s iconic painted face. The photograph states that this match will take place on Thursday, June 8th.


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The WWE Universe reacted, and some of them aren’t happy with the match. Some believe that Jeff Hardy deserves better and should not be on Main Event.

On the other hand, there are fans who think this match should be on WWE Raw instead of Main Event.

Finally, there’s the crowd that is excited about the match, and can’t wait to witness it on television.

Is WWE Main Event a good place for Jeff Hardy?

The last time Jeff Hardy was in the ring, he faced WWE Suuperstar, Jinder Mahal. In fact, this match was at WWE Main Event.

Considering how Mahal and Hardy are both former champions, it’s questionable why WWE is putting their big names at WWE Main Event instead of using them on Raw or SmackDown.


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Furthermore, Jeff Hardy is at a point where he can be used for several more valuable purposes than putting him in a throwaway show.

If the company can’t book him in a match where he can win, he can be used to put talent over on Raw. However, his continuous losses are only hurting his credibility as a pro-wrestler and the company’s credibility as one that knows how to use talent.

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If Mustafa Ali defeats Hardy at WWE Main Event, a significant portion of the WWE Universe will react negatively.

Now, let’s not forget that Jeff Hardy has a good chance of moving over to AEW if WWE doesn’t book him in matches and storylines of his preference. Moreover, Jeff has his brother Matt Hardy signed with AEW, so a transition shouldn’t be difficult.

Coming to Mustafa Ali, he was working as the leader of The RETRIBUTION until the members betrayed him.


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If he defeats Hardy at WWE Main Event, it will be a push for him. In fact, his return against Jeff Hardy is a good start, but the match loses a lot of its essence considering it’s on Main Event.

Do you think WWE should have booked the same match for some other show? Let us know in the comments below.


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