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WWE Legend Shoots on Brock Lesnar’s Career Without His Trump Card

Published 05/14/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

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Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has attained maximum success in sports entertainment and beyond. Brock Lesnar debuted with Vince McMahon’s WWE back in 2002, and has been unstoppable ever since.

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Even when Lesnar was a rookie during his initial run in WWE as the ‘Next Big Thing,’ there were top stars who dreaded facing him, owing to his intimidating presence and out of the world physique.

A key component of Lesnar’s success is none other than WWE Legend, Paul Heyman. Popularly known as Brock Lesnar’s advocate, Heyman has been Lesnar’s eyes and ears in WWE for close to two decades now.


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Brock Lesnar and his WWE career without Paul Heyman

The Beast Incarnate of WWE had Paul Heyman by his side since 2002. No wonder Paul Heyman’s alliance with Brock Lesnar was probably one of the most vicious ones.

Even though Heyman might have betrayed Lesnar to become the ‘Wise Man’ of Roman Reigns, we cannot list Lesnar’s accomplishments without leaving out Heyman’s contribution.


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On the latest episode of the Drive-Thru podcast, WWE Legend Jim Cornette discussed how Brock Lesnar’s career would have looked if Paul Heyman would’ve never been in his corner.

Jim Cornette said, “He [Brock Lesnar] still would have probably done the things he did, trying to play pro football. But he probably wouldn’t be as good today as getting himself over as he is.”

He added, “He wouldn’t probably be as good at getting himself in the UFC. Because it’s the same thing [Paul], Heyman would have been teaching a lot of the things that he could have used in the UFC.”

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According to Jim Cornette, former WWE World Champion would still have tried to play pro football. Also, he would have gone to combat sports at the UFC.

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What is that unique thing that Paul Heyman created magic in The Beast’s life?

The WWE Executive never mentioned that Lesnar wouldn’t have been victorious without Paul Heyman. However, for Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman was the powerful tool in his arsenal apart from his insane wrestling moves. One thing that ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar received as a gift from Paul Heyman is presentation skills.


Paul Heyman is one of the greatest minds in professional wrestling history. He has managed the who’s who of WWE. But there’s no client that can match the dominance and intimidation that Brock Lesnar brings to the table. If Brock is the beast, then only Heyman knows how to tame the beast.

Cornette added, “I’m not talking about the octagon; I’m talking about his personality and getting over and the way he has presented. I think that probably he [Brock Lesnar] still would have been in the spot.


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“He’s much more all-around better performer and better worker the way he thinks about things and approaches things now because of his time with Paul [Heyman],” he concluded.

The prowess of Lesnar over the years, whether it be a NCAA mat, WWE ring or UFC octagon, has been impeccable. But the monstrous and intimidating personality of Brock Lesnar was only possible with Paul Heyman by his side.


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Even Jim Cornette believes that ‘The Beast’ is a better athlete and a worker only because of Paul Heyman. He shaped Lesnar into The Beast Incarnate he is today. What do you think? Would Brock Lesnar be a shadow of his current self had Paul Heyman not been by his side? Let us know in the comments!



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