The WWE’s Attitude Era was one of the most entertaining eras in sports-entertainment history. In their prime years inside the square, it gave us superstars such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, etc. There was an abundance of professional wrestlers adored by millions of fans.

The showmanship and entertainment that the Attitude Era provided are still unmatched. However, while the attitude era was known for its edgier content, usage of lethal props, foul language, and inappropriate remarks would not be accepted in the current generation of the wrestling business.

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Blading is one of the top-rated systems during the WWE Attitude Era. In pro wrestling, blading is a practice of cutting oneself to provoke bleeding and action for the audience.

Stone Cold Steve Austin talks about WrestleMania 17!

In an excerpt from The Steve Austin Show, WWE fans asked Austin how he hid his blade during matches. The Rattlesnake took us back to the night of the grandest stage of all, WrestleMania 17.

On that night, Stone Cold went head to head with The Great One, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for the WWF Championship. He mentioned, “I had a couple blades that night. I always tape to the left wrist and then pull the tab and go to work.

Steve Austin said that if he didn’t have another blade taped to his left wrist, he would carry the other on his right wrist. Since it was a significant pay-per-view, he was supposed to take two blades. However, the referees used to keep one blade as a backup. The referees used to have a backup blade in case the tape would fall off while wrestling or because of sweat if the tape would unravel.

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Easier to cut with a blade, rather than the ‘hard way’


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The Hall of Famer Steve Austin stated that wrestlers did not have to rely on the hard way in such a case. Stone Cold Steve Austin described the ‘hard way’ as something wrestlers used to make others bleed with their knuckles. According to The Rattlesnake, it was easier to bleed someone with a blade, rather than the hard way.

It was one of my first blade jobs. I can’t remember who the f**k taught me how to make my first blade. But that’s what I did, carry on the left wrist,” Stone Cold Steve Austin added.


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WrestleMania 17 resulted in Stone Cold winning the WWF Championship against The Rock. The match was action-packed and both the wrestlers were left bloodied by the end of it.

Wrestlers even today have to go through immense pain and suffered various injuries in order to entertain fans. However, Vince McMahon banned blading altogether when WWE went to PG in 2008.