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WWE Legend The Undertaker Reveals How He Became a Pro-Wrestler

Published 01/21/2021, 7:41 AM EST

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The Undertaker is a legend in the wrestling industry. Like most legends, he has an interesting story to tell about how he pursued wrestling and how he got his first break.

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Taker thought he would pursue basketball when he was in college. Therefore, when his coach advised him to prepare for European scouts who might be interested in him, he started lifting weights to become bigger.

It was at this gym take he came across another fellow who was trying to grow big so he could pursue wrestling. This individual convinced him to try wrestling. Considering The Undertaker used to be a wrestling fan during his childhood, it did not take him too long to decide he would give it a shot.


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“I started training and I’m trying to put on size and strength, and I met this guy in the gym. Everyday I’d come in, he goes “man I’m going to go and I’m gonna get into wrestling, what you do? Do wrestling with me’. I was big wrestling fan as a kid. But as I got into basketball, football, I kinda drifted away.”

Even though he was preparing for basketball, he might not have had a huge career if he took that path.

“One of the things that has helped me through my career is being a realist in what my talents are and what my talents aren’t. I start having these conversations with myself like ‘even if you do make a team, how long do you really have?’ Being 21 and sitting on the end of a bench in Lithuania wasn’t that appealing. I’m trying to weigh it up against what I’m seeing on TV. You got the Font X, you got Hogan, I’m like ‘these guys are huge household names’. So I’m thinking ‘maybe I ought to give it a try.’”

The Undertaker reveals the first time he got a break

Taker didn’t have a very good start to his wrestling career. He fell into a scam from an individual named Buzz Sawyer who duped him of $2000. Buzz had said that he’ll teach Taker the art of pro-wrestling, but one fine morning, Undertaker realized Buzz had taken his money and disappeared into another territory.

He kept training by working odd jobs but had to live in his car. Finally, he went down to the World Class Championship run by The Von Erichs at Dallas. He waited at the office every Wednesday when the office was booking pro-wrestlers for eight months before he got his break.


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“One day, I was right at the end of my rise and was like ‘I’m not getting anywhere here’. Fritz Von Erich, the patriarch of the family, the guy who ran the company came in. He walked in, he stopped, and he looked at me. I started to get up to introduce myself, and he turned around and went into the broncos office.


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“He had a deep gravelly voice and I could hear him. He’s like ‘whose that kid out there?’ . He said ‘he’s been coming here for months, he’s just trying to get booked.’ I heard Fritz go ‘book him, book him Friday night. I want to see what he can do.’”

According to The Undertaker, Fritz Von Erik thought he looked a lot like David (Fritz’s son, whom he lost). As a result, he wanted to give him a chance in his company.

“I was at the right place, at the right time”.


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The Undertaker has contributed massively to the wrestling industry and holds the reputation as one of the greatest wrestlers in the sport’s history. He retired at Survivor Series 2020.

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