WWE Money in the Bank Predictions: Suprise Returns, Ladder Match Interferences, Match Results

Published 07/18/2021, 12:54 PM EDT

WWE Money in the Bank is just around the corner. The company has revealed all the matches, especially the championship matches. Moreover, the Superstars participating in the ladder matches are preparing to take down their rivals and take the briefcase home.


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However, almost every time there’s a surprise or a couple of surprises at WWE PPVs. Undoubtedly, there could be a few at Money in the Bank 2021.

Becky Lynch returns to WWE


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There are rumours that The Man will return to WWE at the event. Even though it’s not clear if she will definitely make an in-ring appearance, it’s reportedly confirmed that she will be present backstage.

In fact, she was present backstage at Hell in a Cell 2021 but did not make an appearance. Maybe now that the fans are back, she’ll finally make her official comeback!

Sasha Banks head over to Raw

The last time The Boss was present was at WrestleMania 37 where she lost the SmackDown Women’s title to Bianca Belair. Since then, she’s been missing from the ring.

Now, in a plot twist, Sasha Banks could possibly return at Money in the Bank 2021 and attack Charlotte Flair. This would mean she’s a part of WWE Raw as opposed to WWE SmackDown. Moreover, she could again be on the path to becoming the WWE Raw Women’s Champion.


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Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley retain their titles

The Tribal Chief is putting his title on the line against Edge while The Almighty is putting his title on the line against Kofi Kingston. Both champions retain their titles at Money in the Bank.

While Edge and Roman Reigns continue their feud till SummerSlam, or until John Cena finally returns (which could also be at Money in the Bank) and make a huge match where the title finally changes hands.

On the other hand, Bobby Lashley wins and then as previously rumoured, WWE brings back Goldberg and the feud between them begins, leading upto SummerSlam 2021.


Goldberg interferes with the WWE Money in the Bank ladder match

Considering there are rumours that WWE is planning to bring back Goldberg to book him against Lashley, he could interfere with the ladder match.


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The idea is – he interferes, takes the briefcase, and now has a clear path to challenge Lashley for the title without the need for any type of feud or storyline. He can cash in anytime he wants.. even at SummerSlam 2021!

Apart from Goldberg, there’s a possibility Randy Orton intervene during the ladder match. The Viper would want to get his hands on the briefcase to be able to challenge for the WWE Championship title.


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What else do you think can happen at Money in the Bank? Let us know in the comments below.


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