WWE Raw Results: Bobby Lashley Is the New WWE Champion, Ali Defeats the United States Champion and More

Published 03/01/2021, 11:47 PM EST

WWE Raw produced one of its most exciting episodes in a long time. The show featured a brilliant opening match and a fantastic ending. Beginning and ending the show in the right manner isn’t Raw’s modus operandi, but the red brand did a terrific job in getting us excited for WrestleMania season.


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Drew McIntyre and Sheamus go to war to kick off WWE Raw


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Raw kicked off with the WrestleMania-worthy opening match. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus beat the tar out of each other in an amazing opener. McIntyre made his Raw return in spectacular fashion, while Sheamus had a point to prove against his former friend.

Both men emptied their arsenal to put the other away. A Brogue Kick off the apron, a second rope White Noise and the Cloverleaf could not put away the former WWE Champion. It took a Future Shock DDT, an overhead superplex from the top rope, and the Claymore to put away Sheamus.

Nia Jax dominates Naomi

Nia Jax continued her winning streak, picking up a big win against Naomi on Raw. The tag team champion registered her most dominant performance in a long time, destroying the former SmackDown Women’s Champion.

A bear hug, a Samoan Drop, and a Chokeslam powerbomb finished the job.

Adam Pearce and Braun Strowman team up on WWE Raw

Shane McMahon booked Braun Strowman in a tag team match on Raw with a mystery partner. After McMahon confronted an irate Strowman, he revealed his partner to be Adam Pearce.

Pearce and Strowman took on the Raw Tag Team Champions the Hurt Business, with the titles on the line. Strowman dominated the match, but McMahon forced him to tag Pearce in, who was rolled up for the embarrassing loss.

Damian Priest beats Elias

The excellent run Damian Priest has been having continued. The Archer of Infamy remained undefeated on Raw, beating Elias tonight. Priest used his newly renamed finisher ‘Hit The Lights’ to put Elias’ lights out.’

Prior to the match, Elias asked Bad Bunny if he wanted to collaborate with him, but the rapper declined.

Charlotte Flair beats Shayna Baszler, wants Asuka at ‘Mania

The Queen declared her intentions to challenge Asuka at WrestleMania for the Raw Women’s Championship. It is funny how Flair can simply declare her wish to challenge Asuka, while the rest of the division goes through Royal Rumbles and Elimination Chambers.

Out walked Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, who attacked Flair. Despite the attack, Flair put away Shayna with a single Natural Selection.

Mustafa Ali pins the US Champion

Retribution helped their leader pick up a massive win over the United States Champion Riddle. Ali was no match for the former UFC fighter, but his stablemates made the difference.

He also picked up the win uniquely, although he might’ve botched the move called the double knee driver.

Bobby Lashley wins the WWE Championship on WWE Raw


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After avoiding the match on two previous occasions, Bobby Lashley finally took the WWE Championship away from The Miz. Miz faked stomach cramps the first time to get out of the match scheduled at 9 pm eastern. He then got himself counted out to retain the WWE Championship.

The third time, Miz wasn’t so lucky. Before the bell rang. Shane McMahon brought out some lumberjacks to surround the ring, cutting off any exit strategy Miz had in mind. Lashley dominated the champion before submitting Miz to the Hurt Lock.


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