WWE Rumours: Independent Pro-Wrestler Alex Zayne Signs with WWE

November 14, 2020 5:00 pm

As per reports, independent star Alex Zayne is making his way towards WWE. However, WWE has not yet confirmed hhis signing.

Recent reports claim that Zayne will be among the new signees who will join the WWE Performance Center. Alongside Zayne, the other signees will be Ben Carter, the Rascalz, and Japanese wrestling legend, Meiko Satomura.

Interestingly, Zayne and Carter had teamed up in August when they appeared for Warrior Wrestling’s Friday Night Lights event. Their opponents at the show were none other than The Rascalz.

This could be the next talented class of recruits after the 2018 signing, which featured the likes of Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, and Mia Yim. Additionally, this is the first time in two years when WWE is bringing in talent from the independent scene. It is expected that the new talents will soon begin performing at NXT and NXT UK.

This year’s recruitment is interesting to watch since WWE and AEW are aggressively trying to sign on talents featuring on each other’s shows.

If WWE does not confirm Zayne’s signing, then there is a huge possibility AEW will grasp the opportunity to offer Zayne a contract. It will not be surprising at this point considering AEW has taken on almost every pro-wrestler who has quit WWE or did not get a contract with the company.

Alex Zayne in the independent scene

Zayne was last seen in the ring on November 8th at GCW So Much Fun where he battled Tony Deppen. Apart from that, he appeared on certain episodes of NJPW Strong.

Currently, Zayne is scheduled to appear on an episode of NJPW Strong where he will team up with Adrian Quest against ACH & Blake Christian.

Alex Zayne has been active in the ring during the pandemic, taking part in several independent events. This is when he became a regular at the GCW events.

Zayne has been active in the pro-wrestling industry for fifteen years. He took a break from in-ring competition from 2008 to 2012. He was irregular for the subsequent years. Finally, he came back to the squared circle in 2016 from where his career took off.

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