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WWE Star Admits He Wouldn’t Have Made “Money” in Billionaire Tony Khan’s Company

Published 04/30/2022, 2:00 PM EDT

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Fatherhood changes a man and makes him become the version of himself that a man never thinks he would ever be. A similar incident happened with Cody Rhodes on 18th June 2021 when his daughter, Liberty Runnels, was born.

Rhodes is currently on a rampage of having the best years of his career in pro wrestling. After being a part of AEW, The Prodigal Son returned home to WWE at WrestleMania 38.


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He had an amazing comeback match at Mania and defeated Seth Rollins at the event.

Cody Rhodes shares how fatherhood changed him

Cody Rhodes recently appeared on WWE After the Bell Podcast which is hosted by WWE RAW commentator Corey Graves. They discussed how the WWE landscape has changed now and also some of the highlights of Rhodes’ life in the past six years.

Graves asked about the major highlight of The American Nightmare’s life that happened last year. He asked Rhodes to tell how Liberty Runnels his daughter has changed him personally and professionally.


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Rhodes said, “The biggest thing is everything centers around the baby and it’s not about you and wrestlers and anyone involve in our business.” “So upon her being born it became about less wanting it for me and more about wanting it for the whole, for the whole unit.”

He added, “This sounds silly, but she was born and I was you know tears in my eyes and I was happy to see her, and once I find out you know you hear the cry and these nurses put her in your arm and they don’t take back like there is not another process after the baby comes. Like bam, it’s yours. The baby comes, and I thought a million things and one of those things were I thought of was, Gosh I need to make a lot of money because I don’t want her to ever want anything.”


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Cody Rhodes, daughter Liberty, was born last year and since then he believes he has changed. While being in AEW, he was working hard in the latter part of 2021 as he was transitioning into fatherhood.

Rhodes also shared how everything he does is for his daughter first and then thinks about himself, a fatherhood trait. He also left AEW in early 2022 because of contract disputes and joined WWE as the grass was greener here so that he could give a better future for his family.

Rhodes to appear on Broken Skull Sessions

Cody Rhodes is arguably having the best time of his life in WWE right now. He returned to WrestleMania 38 and won the match against Seth Rollins. However, Rhodes is going to make one more major appearance next week on The Broken Skull Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Austin


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WWE shared the news on their official Twitter account saying, “👂 You hear that? @CodyRhodes  joins @steveaustinBSR on #BrokenSkullSessions, streaming NEXT FRIDAY exclusively on  @peacockTV  in the U.S. and @WWENetwork everywhere else.”


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We will be hearing some of the best stories of Cody Rhodes. Also, Austin will shed some light on their conversation by recalling some of his memories of Dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes.

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