WWE SummerSlam 2020: Full Match Card, Start Time, How to Watch

Published 08/20/2020, 1:10 PM EDT

One of the biggest PPV’s in WWE after WrestleMania is coming in hot, and WWE has a lot of highly anticipated matches lined up for fans. SummerSlam will be seeing a lot of storyline climaxes and the pent up heat will finally be let through.


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SummerSlam 2020 will take place on August 23 at 7 PM EST. The Kick-off show will begin one hour earlier at 6 PM EST. Fans can watch the pay-per-view on WWE Network, or on the usual streaming services.

So far, WWE has confirmed a lot of matches with still more to go. Here is a list of whatever’s going down so far in SummerSlam.


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1.Drew McIntyre (C) Vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship Match)

“The Legend Killer” punted Ric Flair into the list of WWE legends he has ended. The unstoppable Randy Orton is on a rampage and has not lost a single match since WrestleMania. 

However, his opponents along the way have not quite been up to his level, barring Edge of course. Orton will meet someone his own size in Drew McIntyre.

Provoking Drew McIntyre and challenging him for the title, Randy Orton has his sights on Ric Flair’s all-time record of being a 16-time World Champion. We will see a clash of the two most devastating finishers known to WWE fans- the RKO and the Claymore Kick.

“The Scottish Psychopath” has obliterated every challenger that comes for his title. McIntyre is also unbeaten ever since he won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. This truly will the clash of two powerhouses and cannot be missed.

2. Braun Strowman (C) Vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (WWE Universal Championship Match)

Braun Strowman had put the rivalry to its deep grave by defeating his former mentor Bray Wyatt at Money in the Bank. That was until Wyatt returned more powerful than ever.

Strowman called out Wyatt to a Swamp Match which was the second entry into WWE’s cinematic style matches. Strowman however, didn’t know what he was getting into and was played like a ball by Bray Wyatt in the fight.

Using Strowman’s weaknesses (Alexa Bliss) against him, Wyatt successfully pulled off the mind games to defeat his opponent psychologically before unleashing “The Fiend” once more!

Now, “The Fiend” is hungry for Strowman’s championship and will most probably do anything to get it at SummerSlam.

3. Street profits (C) vs Andrade & Angel Garza (WWE Raw Tag team Championship Match)

Ever since that ‘pep-talk’ from Randy Orton, Andrade & Angel Garza have been something entirely different. Sorting out themselves and their issues, the two have worked perfectly as a team and have strategically beaten their opponents.

After winning a triple threat tag team match against the Viking Raiders and Ricochet & Cedric Alexander, Andrade and Garza became the number one contenders for the Street Profits’ title.

It would only be right that their team word finally made the dream work. The Street Profits will have to look out for their gold, now more than ever.

4. Apollo Crews (C) vs MVP (United States Championship Match)

MVP can’t take Apollo’s title by hook or by crook. After Apollo Crews didn’t show up for their match at Extreme Rules, MVP crowned himself the new United States Champion and wore the new belt.

Naturally, Crews didn’t stand for it and the two had a match for the Title again on Raw, which Crews won. MVP, determined to win, demanded a rematch. SummerSlam may well be his last chance to win the title.

5.Seth Rollins vs Dominik Mysterio(Street Fight)

Seth Rollins blinded his father, but that opened Dominik’s eyes. Rey Mysterio’s son is now out to get the “Monday Night Messiah”.

After pulling off a series of cheeky attacks on Rollins and getting away with it, Dominik found himself surrounded on the latest episode of Raw.

Ruthlessly, Rollins made him pay for the Kendo stick attack by delivering a series of sharp hits to Dominik’s torso with the same. Dominik couldn’t even defend himself as his hands were entangled with the ring ropes.

Now, the Street Fight has been set, and Dominik intends to show Rollins just how brutal he can get. What’s better is that the stipulation leaves room for Rey Mysterio himself to help his son.

Will Rollins feel the heat on SummerSlam? We don’t know, but he sure does come prepared.

6. Sasha Banks vs Asuka (Raw Women’s Championship Match) 

Bayley played dirty by attacking Kairi Sane backstage while Sasha Banks fought Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. Asuka was forced to leave the ring and was hence counted out.

As per the stipulation, Sasha Banks became the new Champion and Asuka managed to save her friend. These dirty tactics will not go unpunished.

As per the rules laid down by Banks, Asuka would only get her title shot if she beat Bayley first. This she did in a spectacular fashion. Now Banks has to watch out for this hot-head as she comes to take back what’s rightfully hers.

7.Bayley Vs Asuka (SmackDown Women’s Championship Match)

Asuka has made it a personal vendetta to destroy Bayley and Sasha Banks after what they did to her best friend Kairi Sane. In the Triple Brand Battle Royale, Asuka shockingly made an appearance.

Through the goal of vengeance in mind, she managed to fight on and eliminate Shayna Baszler, in the end, to get her shot at Bayley once more. 

Already beating Bayley a couple of weeks ago, Asuka will face both the “Golden Role Models” for their Championships. It’s a topic of argument as to how she plans on doing this, but its Asuka.

“The Golden Role Models” could lose half their gold at SummerSlam to Asuka, who will spare no brutality against them.

8. Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose (Hair vs Hair match)

In one of the most interesting matches of the card in terms of the level of curiosity, Mandy Rose seeks to avenge her hair as she takes on Sonya Deville. 


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Deville claimed that Mandy only had looks and no game. She went on to ambush her and cut her hair to prove it. However, Mandy came back with a new shorter hair cut and looks as good as always. 

Now, she intends on showing Deville her ‘fight’ side that the latter underestimated. The loser will have their head shaved off, so that’s got to be enough to give it a watch.


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There are a lot of rumors and speculations over the other matches that will be announced. We may get Matt Riddle vs King Corbin. All in all, the set of matches is very interesting and it would be a shame to miss SummerSlam 2020.



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