WWE Superstar gets into a Nasty Battle with AEW Star Brian Cage

June 9, 2020 2:46 pm

Pro-wrestling moves have always been a matter of controversy in the industry. Many times, performers have been accused of stealing moves from other wrestlers, often getting called out for the same. Lacey Evans and Brian Cage recently had an argument, over the ‘moonsault’ maneuver, and who used it first.

The Twitter argument started when Brian Cage posted a video of him performing the moonsault in a practice ring. 


The move involves jumping from the second set of ropes onto the top of the ropes, launching off into the air in a 360-degree flip. The move has been used by many, and has been extremely popular. Most notably, as pointed out by the Superstars themselves, the move was brought to prominence by Mark Mero, who called the maneuver the ‘The Merosault’.

A fan accused Brian Cage of stealing the move from Lacey Evans, who uses it in the WWE. This prompted a response from Cage, who went after the fan and Lacey herself.

Brian Cage and WWE Superstar Lacey Evans feud over the Moonsault

Lacey fired back, in her signature sassy way, and called out Cage for using the move. She tried correcting Cage over the usage of the move, and stated that she had never claimed to create the move itself.


The argument then became about who started using the move in pro-wrestling earlier. Cage wrapped up the twitter battle by posting a video of him executing a beautiful moonsault in Lucha Libre in Mexico. That video was from 6 years ago, long before Evans had become famous for using the moonsault.

The moonsault is extremely popular in pro-wrestling circles, with many superstars having it in their arsenal of signature moves. Charlotte Flair has been seen using the move on her opponents. John Morrisson also uses a highly modified moonsault as his signature move in the ring.

Regardless of who used the move better, it is clear that Brian Cage and Lacey Evans don’t really own the move as much as they think they do.

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