WWE Superstar Kevin Owens Trolls Donald Trump Following US Elections

November 8, 2020 8:51 pm

Kevin Owens is known for his witty responses in and outside of WWE. Right now, America is going through its 59th quadrennial presidential election. With Associated Press projecting the winners, Owens had an opinion.

Shortly before news portals announced that Democratic representative Joe Biden had won the elections, current President, Republican, and WWE Hall of Famer, Donald Trump, declared that he was the real winner.

However, Biden picked up enough Electoral College votes to get in the White House. Also, he got a record number of nearly 75 million in the Popular Vote.

In this situation, the former world champion trolled President Trump as he sarcastically referred to his FastLane 2017 loss to Goldberg.

In reality, he lost his Universal Title to Goldberg in just 22 seconds. As the match began, then-United States Champion and Owens’ former ally, Chris Jericho’s music played, and he appeared on stage, distracting Owens. Goldberg took advantage and executed a spear and a “Jackhammer” on Owens to win the title.

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Kevin Owens supports Sami Zayn in a recent Twitter debate about Donald Trump

Kevin Owens followed the tweet up with another. This time, he mocked fellow wrestler Val Venis and supported his real-life best friend Sami Zayn.

Sami Zayn took to Twitter to express his happiness regarding the result before following it up with a rather clever tweet. He compared Trump to a delusional heel wrestler like himself.

However, former WWE superstar, Val Venis, was not too happy with the comparison and made sure Sami learned what he thought of him. He called Zayn stupid.

Kevin Owens came to his friend’s rescue and referred to Venis’ previous gimmick of an adult film star back in WWE’s Attitude Era.

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