WWE Talents Prepared to Make Huge Sacrifice as Vince McMahon Is Officially Back

Published 01/07/2023, 7:47 AM EST

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Vince McMahon is finally back in the WWE as one of the Board of Directors. Even the recent report from the Wall Street Journal stated an indication of him returning to the company.

Mr. McMahon announced his retirement last year, and the landscape of WWE changed tremendously. However, as he announces his return, top names in WWE are ready to take a major step.


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A recent article from WrestleTalk states Mr. McMahon is officially back on the WWE Board of Directors. Furthermore, they also covered PW Insider Mike Johnson’s report about several top names in WWE are ready to leave the company.

He wrote,  “It pretty much shocked everyone we have spoken with. I would say that except for the most inner circle, this absolutely took them by surprise.”

He added, “The company morale has gone up exponentially since Vince “retired” so a lot of people are wondering what things will look like in the days ahead. Lots of trepidation for sure. We’ve heard from some who have said if he’s back, they want out, but whether that actually happens remains to be seen.”

 Recently, after the WSJ report about McMahon’s return went viral, the former WWE CEO quickly issued a statement about returning to WWE to pursue a sale of the company.

Being the major shareholder of the company, Mr. McMahon used the power to elect himself, George Barrios and Michelle Wilson to the WWE board.

What did Vince McMahon write in his recent statement?

As the WSJ report went viral on January 5th, 2023, McMahon quickly released a statement that indicated his WWE return.

The 77-year-old wrote to looking forward to work closely with the directors of WWE and the rest of the team. He has the utmost confidence and full support towards the management team of the company. Additionally, he praised the WWE team and assured his return won’t have any impact on the management’s “roles, duties, or responsibilities”.

Furthermore, WSJ in their recent report wrote that the reinstatement of McMahon WWE required three current directors to vacate their positions.


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Why did Mr. McMahon retire from WWE?


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Last year in July, WWE shared a statement of Vince McMahon on their website. The former chairperson had given the reason for his retirement. He gave the reason of nearing to 77-years-old, it was time for him to retire from his roles in WWE.

This was the same time when the investigation over his hush money allegations was ongoing, that concluded in November last year.


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