WWE Teases an Exciting New Tag Team on SmackDown

November 14, 2020 10:22 am

Otis picked up quite a significant win on WWE SmackDown. The former Mr. Money in the Bank beat Dolph Ziggler in a squash match which is a big win after his loss to Seth Rollins last week. After the match, Otis was made an offer he could not refuse, by Chad Gable.

The revival of Chad Gable on SmackDown

Chad Gable has rebounded since he quit being Shorty G. After being brutally destroyed by Lars Sullivan, Gable quit being the wrestler that serves to be an embarrassment and nothing more. He will once again be displaying his Olympian skillset and amazing wrestling prowess.

After Otis beat Ziggler, he was confronted by Gable backstage. He praised Otis for his dominating performance in the ring and offered to be his mentor. He then handed Otis a pamphlet for his new service, the Alpha Academy.

Otis walked off with the pamphlet in hand, sparking speculation and rumours that WWE have once again restricted Chad Gable’s talents. Putting him in a tag team with Otis does nothing more than diminish the star-making capabilities he holds.

Will Otis be ready, willing and ‘gable’?

Gable is a two time tag team champion. He is one of the only wrestlers to win tag team gold on Raw, SmackDown and NXT. Alongside Jason Jordan, American Alpha won the NXT Tag titles and the SmackDown Tag titles. He won the Raw Tag titles with Bobby Roode in 2019.

The new potential tag team could give Gable more television time, due to Otis’ popularity. The former MITB briefcase holder became one of the most popular wrestlers across both brands. This led to him being pushed as Mr. Money in the Bank.

Otis was also in a slump, prior to his win against Ziggler. He lost his briefcase and best friend to a shocking betrayal by the latter at Hell in a Cell. Tucker’s betrayal cost Otis a chance to be World Champion, and gifted that opportunity to the Miz.

Aligning Otis with Gable may bring out a different side of the former tag team wrestler. They are both quite similar in many ways. Both came out of tag teams and branched out as singles wrestlers and they were significantly more popular than their tag partners.

Tune in to SmackDown next week to see where this angle leads; whether Chad Gable is Otis’ manager or his brand new tag team partner.

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